Saga Volume 6 Review

Genre = SCI-FI, Romance, Fantasy, Comic, Action, Adventure

Author = Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

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In this volume we are getting closer and closer to the parents being reunited with their child Hazel. However, there has to be something that gets in the way and this time it is more of a not knowing the full situation as Hazel decides that she really needs to tell someone about the hidden side of her she chooses her teacher to confide in but whether she will be as accepting or have a plan of her own to fix Hazel’s situation? Then there is the problem of the Will whose habit seems to be affecting who he is seeing and not seeing in the present. It proves tricky in the situation of how he has kidnapped the journalist and photographer couple to gain information from but what information?

My Pitch To You:

I adore this series it is so inventive and incredibly drawn that when you are reading it you just sit there and go WOW at everything you are seeing. It is nice in this volume because everyone seems to be working together in some capacity or another which you get so used everyone being at their throats its nice to have some chill time. Especially in a series that has such an epic main tale and then so many sub tales that intertwined throughout the story.

I loved Hazel in this volume because you are starting to see her grow up and have opinions and work out whether the opinions she has been told fit with her. It fantastic that the story centres so much around her growing up because the pressure on her as a symbol for change but you can’t see that yet which I think grounds the story a lot more. I love seeing Alana and Marko as a team they get into such hilarious and crazy situations especially in this volume that scene with those guards it seems so illogical but it is comical look at things are never thought through enough. The teacher of Hazel; Noreen is such a sweet and kind person you are almost like okay where is the bit where she does something awful but I will let you figure that out.

The reporter and photographer that is such a nice relationship and the conversation they are having are so real and intriguing to put them in the context of a completely different world but they still hold so much meaning. I think their goals of finding that story that will give them that recognition is I think what a lot of people crave for in this world but whether that will help them or just make this sticking situation worse again you’ll have to find out.

I love the colours in this volume they are a lot brighter and give a lot of hope to the overarching story. The scenes with the seal; Ghus are my favourite as he is the funniest and feistiest character in this volume and I love his attitude. Plus he is in the most beautiful scenes of art sometimes that just make me think of the places I used to explore before the pandemic lol. I think the most impressive piece of artwork in this volume has to be the archive such a cool place as I love those places that you can just look up and be in total awe of and this was it.

Overall, this a great volume as it incorporates mini stories that are contributing to the wider story of Alana and Marko getting Hazel back and the threat of the story that the reporter and photographer are trailing gives it that great suspense towards a let say a surprising ending. This volume was a great mixture of heartwarming moments and intense scenes which involved a good amount of character development. So if you are still with me on this saga (haha) then you will enjoy this volume.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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