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Genre = Action, Comedy, Crime

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This film is about a couple who you think is so in love with each other then you fast forward and they are about to go to party with all their friends who are so happy together but they are not in a good place. They are driving to this party and bam they get stuck in the middle of a murder which is connected to a secret society. The question how will they clear their name?

My Pitch To You:

This film was such a laugh out loud film mainly because you could so relate to so many of those conversations the couple were having. Plus the outfits I just was in tears of laughter I loved the one after they came out of the supermarket. It is one of those films that you don’t know if you like it right until the end because you are going on a journey with these two characters and your chopping and changing whether not you want them to stay together. You are thrown right into their conflict after seeing them all lovey-dovey which at first is a little jarring but you don’t need that transition between the two because the chemistry is still there which makes it so believable.

In terms of the plot oh this was such a great, fast paced and ridiculous plot but still maintained that level of plausibility throughout so it didn’t go into slapstick territory. The drama was there in short burst which I thought gave it that murder mystery feel to it with a modern twist. The part with the secret society I was not expecting at all which made it a twist in the story and gave it a wider scenario to work with which allowed for different options that always makes you think are they going to choose that path or the other path. The bit in the barn was insane I mean that thing the wife used that was not on my expected list of what to use but damn it’s effective. The scene with police is so surprising but used so well as false sense of security which was done really well. Then that bit on the boat I was again just in tears laughing and rooting for them.

In terms of characters those two together were a fantastic dynamic duo if they weren’t just regular people I would say go be a detective couple they would just be perfect so fun and good together. I loved their conversations together about their little annoying traits because it’s so realistic to what most couples are like you just love them even more. I think if I had to choose a favourite out of the couple I would say Leilani; she is just bolshy and badass plus she is so excited to be going on the mystery/adventure. I also love her confidence when she walks into that party to find the person they need to find and when they are in the secret society that was so funny. The guy Jibran; was just an adorable little mess and that made you love him even more. The way he explains things is hilarious especially with the police I was laughing so much. The guy who is the whiz kid I liked the way they used him as a wedge and a level in their relationship.

Overall, it’s such a funny film that takes just that one thing happening to people that can change their lives forever and maybe not in good way. I kind of want them to do a sequel because I became so attached to those two characters and I want to know what happens next. So if you are in the mood for a hilarious murder mystery then do check this film out the actors in it are so good. If you are a fan of the film Murder Mystery you’ll like this one and I even liked it better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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