Jane The Virgin Season 1 PT2 Ep 5-8

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Season 1

Episode 5

The best way to sum up this episode is “you just betrayed me” which is applied to nearly everyone in this TV show. Poor Jane she really can’t trust many people. So she decides to start to get to know her father which doesn’t work out the way she planned as she is not sure what to expect. I mean who would I think you’d feel completely confused. Then you get a bit of history of her life as a child which I loved because it is interesting to connect the dots.

The divorce wow this is just beyond drama you expect what is going to happen and then times it by ten that is how it went down. Raphael you just want to slap him to make him realise what a fool he is in so many ways but then also you are questioning his motives. Petra’s mother there is something so off about her I want to know more. Oh its a thrilling episode.

Episode 6

Oh it just goes absolutely insane in this episode even more than the last episode if you believe it. So Michael and Jane are still not talking. Raphael spent the night in jail. Jane has to teach at a catholic high school instead of a middle school.

I love the high school situation with Jane as it is funny but also very relatable. The history of how Jane and Michael came together is hilarious and so sweet. It’s such a love hate relationship with this episode because throughout you are just like yes then no then yes!!! In reaction to what is happening.

Episode 7

Wow so this was this most depressing but also adorable episode all at the same time! So Raphael and Jane are dating but not dating. The nuns are making Jane hug people. Xiomara has a new man in her life. Petra is now a full blown criminal.

This episode was dramatic and full of so many situations my brain was just like OMG! I loved every minute of it because you felt so close to the characters especially Michael. Oh poor man. I love the conversations between Jane and her mother they were so cute and funny. It was just a great episode as Jane’s love life is complex and fun!

Episode 8

Well is this a complex episode I don’t know even where to start this is just an jam packed episode. So Marco and Xiomara are still dating but is there a spark? Jane is unsure of whether to tell Raphael that she is a virgin?

There is so much drama in this episode I feel I need like glass of wine and to watch it again to take it all in. But its the reason I love this show as it packs so much story and love in it that you get so wrapped up in the story. I want know more about the Michael situation as it feels like a side story. You just have to watch it.

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