The Wicked King Review

Genre = YA, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Author = Holly Black

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We continue on from the events of the coronation of King Cardan. Where Jude is now his right hand woman pulling all the strings. However, can she pull the strings much longer as the land and sea are not seeing eye to eye and Balekin has a few tricks up his sleeve in prison. Can Jude do this battle and still have all the power she wanted?

My Pitch To You:

As sequels goes it is very hard to continue after such an epic start with such a frantic ending. It is hard to keep the pace but Holly Black always delivers by keep you enthralled in this political game that will decide everyone’s future. This is quite a mellow book compared to the first as she is slowly building her momentum for a heartbreaking ending. Where I was just like what noooo and so many emotional moments.

This books is really about Jude’s journey to power unlike book one where you got a glimpse of everyone. Here the focus is on Jude and I love it. It’s like watching her as a chess piece because you never know what move she will make next to weave her way in deeper to make sure she is needed. I admire her character a lot especially in this book as she has this strength that is incredible after some of the things that happen to her in this book. She is still my favourite out of the three sisters.

Taryn wow I just don’t like her at all in this book. I find her so annoying and why does she the things she does. She creates a balance in the mix of sisters but for me she is so predictable. Viv well I love her character and that she got that life but her past is always there. I admire her as character for trying to block it out and accept it but in that way she does strike me as quite naive.

Madoc, I kind of always knew he was too slimy to be anything else and he is a bit predictable in this book. However, towards the end you think maybe things will get better and he will reveal his plan but he is a trickster at heart. Oriana she is such a fascinating character and there is so much background to her story and she blossoms as a mother figure to help push this story into that betrayal par of the story and I have to say by the end I loved her character and understood her. Cardan, oh just really really!! He is just so irritating and irrational. What the hell! That’s all I can say about him otherwise I will spoil bits but I will say he is such a love hate character.

The plot of this book was more of a slow burner with lots more development of characters and backstories which I enjoyed as you felt more engrossed in the world and understood the history. The part with the sea I felt was fascinating but I wanted to see what was going on alongside it. The ending was superb as it just ripped me apart and left me wanting more. The twists and turns were unexpected and thrilling which kept me on the edge of my seat.

Overall, I love this book and I am a worrier for when I start sequels and whether they will live up to my expectations. Holly Black just gave me more than what I expected. This is a fantastic sequel if you are umming and ahing about continuing. Do because it is so worth it! This is for 13 upwards and anyone who likes epic stories, fantasy, faerie, politics and mysteries.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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