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Season 1

Episode 1

This show is about a mum called Liza whose daughter has gone off to study in India and she would like get back into publishing after she divorced her cheating husband. However, the publishing world is a young person’s game and no one will hire because of her age.

Oh boy can I relate to this show so much as I would like to get into the publishing industry but it is the toughest and most ruthless scene ever. The comedy in this show is funny for instance when she asks her to set up an okay cupid account for Jane Austen. I laughed so much! I think a lot of women will love and relate to this show.

Episode 2

In this episode Liza is trying to figure out how to make Joyce Carol Oates relevant to the modern woman so after a lunch with a certain fashion PA; Lauren. She comes up with this interesting idea. There is also the neighbour who is this really hot guy and then there is her daughter who is deciding to stay in India but I wonder why?

I love this episode it is really funny and relevant especially with the body positivity angel it looks at through the lunch. I love her reaction to her daughters post that was so adorable. Plus that date with the guy eww that was so awkward and awful but then it was saved and you’ll understand why when you see it. I am really enjoying this show.

Episode 3

This episode is the big night Josh and Liza are going on a date but will she go ahead with it or tell him how old she really is? At the same time she is trying to sell her house and her furniture but her ex-husband decides to turn up and move it into storage which ruins her plans. Also Kelsey goes to the reading of her new Swedish author that she loves to try and sign him but will it work?

This episode was so hilarious from the date where I was just saying in my head I would have totally reacted like that to the two girls coming up to him and talking about tattoos and I am twenty-five. I so want to be more confident! To the reading that turns out to lead to some dangerous sparks. Plus her bosses date was truly so funny.

Episode 4

So everything seems to be going on track for Liza and Kelsey with Liza getting the guy and night of her naughty dreams and Kelsey getting the author she wants signed the Swedish hulk; Anton what more could they ask for. Well how about some celebration time that reveals some truths?

First of all I really loved what Kelsey did that night OMG yes indirect payback man child. Also I can’t believe she can’t see what a douche of a boyfriend (I mean we have all been there I certainly have) she has. I mean seriously why is he still around and the way he speaks to Liza. The Swedish hulk; Anton is hot but also very dangerous watch out!

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