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Season 1

Episode 1

I have heard loads of good things about this TV show and it is such a cool and intriguing subject matter. It follows a group of girls that skate and they want to get more women involved in skateboarding in New York. As you can imagine skateboarding is a very male dominated sport so women aren’t seen as skaters unless they can do loads of tricks. But these girls are going to change that!

I like this show as it has a very chilled vibe in all senses of the word but at the same time being completely relevant to the way women are treated still to this day in society. There are some moments where you want to scream at the men in this TV show especially at the end, ‘WE MATTER!’ This episode follows the story of them at the park but then it starts to rain and a backpack gets lost which has the keys to the indoor skate park in so they got to find it which is a cool premise. I am intrigued to see where these girls go.

Episode 2

In this episode we see even more of the dynamic and divide between the women and the men in skate parks which is such a sad thing because you think about this sport and the time period it boomed in in history you’d think it’d be all for including women but it is a battle to get in. You see Kirt really trying to boost the confidence of the girls but in some ways Kirt kind of embarrasses them which makes them shy and not want to skate. Then there is the other girl; Camille and her obsession with this guy; Bambi which may go somewhere.

That bit at the end when they are watching the film I mean I think that it is cute and he seems like he is a nice guy but he might be using her so I am not sure about this relationship. It was great to see that division between family life and who Honeybear wants to be because I think that is true of a lot of kids nowadays. I mean I used to do it all time the personality I was with my friends and the personality I was with when I was with family were different. It is so sad that people just don’t except people for who they are. However, they have to fit into a mould this topic is the core of this story. I am really enjoying this show.

Episode 3

In this episode it is Janay’s birthday but she is upset about this girl who accusing her friend of something so she wants to go find her to talk to her. But how will it end? Plus Honeybear wants to talk to this girl but doesn’t have the courage. We get to see Indigo’s home and life outside of skating. Which makes you question why she wants to sell weed? If there is something in her past or it’s just she wants to make money?

I love watching this show because it is a beautiful representation of female friendship and what it is like in modern day. I love the girls they are such fascinating characters that you want to know more about. That end scene I did not see that coming and I was so glad that they put that comment in the end because it is true and needs to be addressed. Also the relationship between Camille and Bambi, I worry about her because is he really taking an interest or advantage but I can’t tell but I have that motherly worry.

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