Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 PT1 Ep 2-5 Review


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Season 1

Episode 2

I love talking about Grey’s anatomy to me it is my favourite TV show alongside Charmed, Buffy and Law and Order SVU. Oh almost forgot Supernatural, Poirot and CSI Miami!

This episode is like a settling in episode so you see all the interns in their normal state and complaining. It’s really funny as it is so relatable as that is how I and many other people feel in their 20s continuously frustrated at work! Oh the lols! The main sub-story is about a young woman who got raped but she fought back as she took part of the family jewels with her. They tied this story to Meredith in a clever way that they both have the same shoes. Looking at Meredith’s thought of ‘how to get from here to there?’ in terms of what the young woman has been through. It’s a sad story of how awful things happen in our society and how you always think that could have been me!

The other sub-story is about a baby who turns blue and has a murmur. It turns into a bit of department politics as some department are specialised and some are general but you always need a second opinion. However, the baby is fine. There is a nice moment between Grey and another intern about feeling totally ‘terrified’ all the time! The character development is great as you see each of the characters developing their personalities and quirks you love and hate about them. Also there is a interesting argument with Burke and the chief. Plus Meredith and Derek still haven’t DTR’d (define the relationship), oh they are so cute. Overall, a sad but also uplifting end of an episode. Plus I have to say I love the soundtrack it is always perfectly done to the tone of the scene.

Episode 3

There is noting like a grey’s anatomy episode to lift your spirits and today I really needed it. So this episode is all about lines and human interactions. Basically this episode’s two main sub stories come from the Dead Baby Bike Race. I know sounds awful but the bar is called Dead Baby and they have a bike race around Seattle the winner gets free shots of tequila. Crazy idea right! So the race claims an outside victim who is a John Doe who ends up being brain dead. Izzy and Christina who are now on a mission to keep him alive to find his next of kin so he can donate his organs. I think it is important to be an organ donor because in a way its your own superhero power.

The other case is about a guy called Viper who needs a cool wound to be sewn up and Alex and Meredith are fighting over him. But is Viper going to get back to the race and get to the end for the Tequila or end up back at the hospital? There was this message at the end done by Bailey that was just classic Bailey. In terms of character development you really see Christina and Izzy grow the most in terms of understanding science and humanity. I enjoyed that crossover as it is important to understand in a constantly updating technological society. Also George had an amusing patient that wiggled a secret out of him. OMG! Overall, I really like this episode its heart breaking and heart warming at the same time which is a perfect combination for a dramtic show.

Episode 4

So this episode focuses on intimacy and the line between work and personal. Plus it is a really sad and emotional episode. The first story follows a woman called Liz Fallon who was a scrub nurse at the hospital for years but has pancreatic cancer. This is a heartwarming story of being part of an institution and how that place becomes your community. This story like the other two have personal development for three characters which was a great way to tie the two together. This story was to do with Christina which was interesting cause you had the dynamic of new and experienced.

The next story focuses on a man who has prostate cancer which is such a sensitive subject for most men. Plus an awful thing to have to maybe loose what some men consider that makes them a man. While I am no expert I think its like with any cancer we must discuss it and strive towards a cure. Izzy’s part in this story was so relevant discussing the way men and women look at each other. Her speech in the locker room damn GO GIRL! The last story was of a man with nails in his head that then had a aneurysm and the possibility of loosing his personality and memories. This nicely ties into Meredith’s mum which is that situation that makes my heart break and so did this story. I totally get Meredith’s view as my Grandad had Alzheimer’s and it just broke me to see him like that. In terms of the character development they all really move from newbies to a place of understanding. Even George with his tampon issue (it’ll make sense if you watch it). I loved Christina’s story the most as I could just feel the connection and rawness of her performance. Overall, an amazing episode that will break you emotionally but you will be so glad you watched it!

Episode 5

So responsibility it’s such a big scary and weighty world but but that’s what at the centre of this episode. This one is a bit sad but boy does it make you laugh! It’s the let loose episode! So this focuses on medical mistakes within surgery and how that effects the doctors and what happens after. Meredith’s issue with a popped glove and the possibility of a mistake shows how much it can get to you into trouble in this job and the future being unknown. As we rely on safely nets in life and to be protected which is not always the case. A real thinker of a story. Burke’s mistake of leaving something in a patient was a scary thought and a sad story. It was fascinating in terms of how that is dealt with in terms of the patient and the doctor. That meeting where Burke does a mini-speech is true and powerful which I loved.

The other story with Alex and managing the patient who is an addict was sad. But gave Alex’s character that development as a more prominent character in the show. Plus you got McDreamy wisdom! In terms of the character’s development this was the episode of establishing main characters. Also lots of romance in the air not only with McDremay and Meredith. I love the way Shonda writes relationships they are always very realistic and intriguing. The party was a cool scene to see where everyone would fit in their college days. Overall, a funny, sad and tense episode that really developed the characters but also relationships between other characters.

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