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Mid-week news of all the new exciting things happening in the Film world!! Let me know in the comments what Film news your are most excited about!

John Wick Producers Working on New Film

A new action-thriller is coming soon from the producers of John Wick called Black Site. The plot is pitched as a group CIA agents chasing around a detainee who doesn’t a thriller Tom & Jerry situation. Recently they added some great names to the cast list including Michelle Monaghan, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney.

Netflix’s The Formula has Epic Casting News

John Boyega and Robert De Niro are teaming up for a Netflix film called The Formula. I mean the team up alone has me pumped. The film is being directed by Gerard McMurray who directed The First Purge. To top it off its about Formula 1 racing. I am so there!

New Anthology Film with Stellar Cast

A new anthology film that is separated into six parts and each part is a woman’s story and directed by a woman. You may be wondering what’s the photo about well this is the confirmed cast so far. The women I am so excited to see in it are Marcia Gay Harden and Eva Longoria.

New Film About Space

For all you space film fans who are a bit lost on where to go next after Ad Astra and The Midnight Sky. There is a new film coming soon about living in the International Space Station staring Chris Messina and directing is Gabriella Cowperthwaite. It is said to be thriller so hold on to your helmets.

Casting News for The Pisces

The Pisces I remember when this came out I was still working at Waterstones and it was a sure fire hit or miss for people. Well it is now being turned into film which I am excited to see how they translate this film. Some casting news came out that Claire Foy is attached to the project so now I really am intrigued.

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