Lady & The Tramp 1955 Review

Lady & The Tramp 1955

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This film follows Lady who lives in a lovely house with her owners who are married. Everything is bliss as she has two great friends a greyhound called Trusty who used to be a police dog and Jock a Scottish terrier that fiercely protects lady. As the blissful days go on her owner is pregnant and when the baby comes and Lady thinks she’ll have a new friend. However, when her owners decide to go on a trip Aunt Sarah comes to stay. Her cats have a different idea of how dogs should be treated. And so she finds Tramp and a new adventure begins!

My Pitch To You:

I watched this film many years ago when I was young but it is not one that has stuck in my mind. Watching as an adult I think I know why while it is a cute story of dogs falling in love. It does have a lot of dialogue and actions towards people that yes are of the time but are unacceptable today. Those things, I think when showing this film to people should be pointed out. When me and my friend were watching it together virtually we were shocked. Somehow my miniature self blocked it out although I think it was to do with my slight fear of dogs at the time.

The plot to this film I thought I remembered it as being a long chase between Lady and Tramp coming to that famous spaghetti scene later on. However, this particular scene I am talking about is really early on which I was surprised at because by the time you get to the middle you think well that is the film over right? But no it is not. I like the idea of plot where Lady finds out that Tramp is really a player and likes a certain type of dog that was funny and good nod to the adults watching. I think all in all this plot is a miss match of different plots that didn’t quite flow together for instance Lady and the baby, the pound and the romance with Tramp it felt like one thing after the other. Not really a progression of character development apart from Tramp getting a home. There was something missing from this plot and I can’t work it out.

Lady as a animated character, she is just the cutest and fluffiest character ever see and you just really want to take her home by the end of the film. As a character she is very stuck in her ways and is happy with that and doesn’t want to explore because that is all she knows which is a nice type of innocence to watch develop into a risk taking and kind hearted dog. Tramp as an animated character was a bit too clean for a scruffy street dog and maybe that is because how much animation could be done at the time but I think he could be scruffier. As a character he is creepy but sweet at times you can see him develop into a nice guy but you still don’t really trust him. Jock and Trusty were hilarious especially when Jock got excited or angry so funny and Trusty would go on and on about the good old days. You don’t really see the humans which is a way of directing your focus to the dogs but in the end it felt annoying. The other dogs were fun too I think my favourite would Peg as she had a great musical number in the pound. The cats were so creepy they sent shivers down my spine with that number and slightly put me off cats for a bit.

Overall, it is a very dated film in its commentary on love and society but if you ignore or take it out which it is very hard to do at points it is a sweet love story between two dogs. The part at the end where they are all there at Christmas with the puppies is sweet and shows that your family is who you choose it to be. Although the collar concept in this film is very odd and portrays an underlying message about class. However, if you are looking for a sweet film to watch about dogs with your children this is nice or you want to explain about how not to treat all people especially women then this is a good film to start with.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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