Stranger Things Season 2 PT1 Ep 1-4 Review

Season 2

Episode 1

I adore this first episode as you think its going to be happy clappy and you have no clue how it is going to switch. Instead it introduces you to a completely different dynamic that is happy but there is a underlying sense of fear and that something is going to happen very soon. Plus where is Ele and who are all these new people.

Its one of those starts to a new season where you are just like what, who are you and how did that happen throughout which I love because it is like a mystery for me to solve. There is a new girl in town that you are just instantly going to love because she is so cool. The Will situation is so sad and tense at the same that you are tiny bit frustrated waiting for something to happen. By the way Joyce has a boyfriend? It will renew your curiosity in the show and what will be the monster that will creep out next.

Episode 2

So the Halloween episode where everything starts to get that little bit too spooky! In short Will is still not quite back in our world as he is having some strange but beautifully drawn visions. There is trouble in paradise for Nancy and Steve which I don’t mind because Steve is still a bit of an assehole. Eleven is pissed at Harper for not being on time for dinner plus she is so bored.

It is a great episode as it is one where everyone is completely on edge and about to explode so your wondering which situation is going to go first. The pain between Mike and Eleven is so sad and adorable. It’s a tense and painful episode that you need to watch.

Episode 3

D’artagnan! I bet you are wondering what or who this is well it will come as no surprise that he was found by Dustin by his bins and he has now become attached to the creature. But what actually is it? Steve is so done with Nancy as in he is so pissed which I find a bit funny because I don’t like him. Nancy and Jonathan are on mission to do with Barb which is just so sad. Eleven is tired of being stuck in the cabin.

This episode was a slightly tame episode but had that school adventure feeling to it which I love. Not only that but Max is starting to be excepted into the group which is so cool because I love her character she is like that girl you always wanted to be growing up. The situation with Eleven just makes me so sad and want to give her a hug. Joyce is back to her old self when she finds the video camera. It is a great build up episode with mini excitement spread throughout.

Episode 4

Wow this was such a tense and dramatic episode where everyone decides to go the rebel way. Dustin is still overly attached to D’artagnan but the group thinks he should be found and destroyed due to where he comes from but Dustin is attached. Nancy and Jonathan are going insanely rogue in this episode I can’t tell you what they are doing because you just have to watch it, they are like Bonnie and Clyde.

Eleven just needs to get out of the cabin as she is going crazy so she makes a mess and while she is tiding she discovers a file that has some revealing things about her past inside it. It is literally just one thing after the other in this tense episode. Will has gone a bit strange to say the least and Hopper is back to investigating these dead crops or are they infected? Just watch it!

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