Four Weddings and A Funeral Review

Four Weddings and A Funeral

Genre = Comedy, Drama, Romance

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This film is about a great group of friends who have known each other for ages. They are now in that stage in life where everyone is now getting married. It is a story of four wedding and a funeral that involve the friends and Charles who is feeling the like he will never get married but that is all going to change when he meets Carrie?

My Pitch To You:

I love all Hugh Grant’s characters especially Charles he is such a goofy adorable character with a charming smile. His interactions with his ex-girlfriends are hilarious especially Henrietta. Carrie annoys me so much and she is just the wrong person for Charles. In my opinion her character was poorly acted plus the character had no personality and was so boring. Tom is an intriguing and sweet character that takes you by surprise in his way of thinking. Gareth I love his character he is just so funny and full of life. Plus he is absolutely the most lovable character ever.

Matthew he is a great contrast to Gareth which I liked. He is also the concerned and caring one which made the group of friends so great together. Fiona you just want to give her a big hug and say ‘you’ll find someone soon’. I loved her wit and edginess to her. Scarlett is the sweetest and outgoing character. Plus I love her style. Father Gerald I have to mention because his first wedding was just hilarious and the best piece of comedy.

The use of four weddings and a funeral to encompass the flow of the plot was a great idea because it never felt boring & kept the pace going. It was a good idea to put the funeral as it made the film a more appealing to everyone and added a contrast to all the white. I loved that they all had their individual stories that came together through friendship as it meant there was a character for everyone to relate to. The ending is cute and adorable as everyone is happy and in love which makes you love the story even more.

This film is in my classic film favourites. I am not a huge fan of romcoms but this gets me every time. It just has lovable and enjoyable characters that everyone can laugh at and with. It’s a great family and friend film to watch as a group. Plus it is one those ones you watch in the Christmas holidays as it is cosy and funny.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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