Fringe Season 1 PT1 Ep 1-4 Review


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Season 1

Episode 1

I love this TV show it is up there with my top five tv shows ever. This TV show is about a weird occurrence on a plane where the passengers are literally melting away. This event starts the pattern but what is it and will the team of a con man, FBI agent, FBI assistant and crazy scientist be able to solve it?

This episode is so packed, it is insane how well they managed to make it flow beautifully with the plot and introduce all the characters in a way that I connected with all of them. Olivia is such an amazing character that you can always relate to in every step of this episode. I love his son, Peter is the dangerous type that is so dreamy and you easily fall in love with. Walter you have so much sympathy for him and respect for. As a first episodes goes this is in my top ten as it just brings together everything I love about science and SCI-FI.

Episode 2

This quite possibly the most gross and fascinating case I ever came across when I first saw it. So this man kills women for their pituitary glands. The question is for what reason and how can Massive Dynamic help?

There is clearly a bond going on between Peter and Olivia which I love because it is that tough person bond that you just can’t break. Walter you feel so sorry for and wish there was a solution to all that knowledge but as the saying goes knowledge is power which is dangerous in large doses. The episode is not for the faint hearted and will make a little scared of science but it is gripping.

Episode 3

This episode is about what you find out with those behind the scenes conversations between certain people. The particular case is about a ghost network in someone’s head, a bus load of people solidified and DEA agent that is somehow tied to this event?

I really enjoyed this episode because it where you start to see certain connections fall into place with certain people in Massive Dynamic who shouldn’t be there. There is some background to the characters which definitely makes you connect with them more and warm to Peter. And whose the bald man?

Episode 4

This is really where you see the team starting to form as Peter is getting really frustrated with his dad and his behaviour which creates a stronger bond. This particular case is all about a strange cylinder and a bald man that mysteriously keeps appearing but from where is the question. Not only that but Olivia has a rude awakening when she gets home after this case which I would be mega freaked out by!

This episode was seriously intense with everyone going to extremes to do what they thought was right for everyone and then you just had this bald man in the middle of it. I love the bald man I hope we see more of him I feel like he has a lot of connections to explain. I feel for Peter so much as he really wants to mend the relationship with his father but he can’t see an avenue to accomplish it.

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