Mango & Bambang The Not A Pig Review

Genre = Children’s Fiction, Animals, Humour

Author = Polly Faber, Clara Vulliamy

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This follows a young girl called Mango who is the most independent girl on the planet doing Karate and Chess. One day she is on her way to Karate and is about to cross the road but she can’t because there huge drama going on because there is a Bambang in the middle of the crossing and it is very scared.

My Pitch To You:

2019 was the year I really fell in love 5-8 fiction it just has some of the most fabulous stories that have really touched me. This was definitely one of them about a young girl who sees an unusual animal curled in a ball on the crossing very scared. She takes the animal home and decides to take care of it and that is what makes this book so great as it embodies the kindness of strangers which in my opinion is a rarity today.

I love these little adventures, they are so sweet and fun but they remind me a lot of Paddington. My favourite adventure would be Bambang puts on a Hat as it is thrilling and adventurous plus there is an interesting neighbour character. Together they make a fantastic pair as they going on adventures together as it really is a Sherlock and Watson team but Watson is super silly and fun. Bambang I just want to hug and have one of my own because he broke my heart in these stories. Mango I think is a great role model for young children as she is very get up and go and interested in a lot of things.

This is fun collection of stories about a girl and her very unusual pet Bambang which you will fall in love with instantly. The illustrations are very much part of the story and hilarious I think my favourite would be Bambang going down the stairs in the hat the facial expressions are just so funny. The writing style is fast paced and comedic especially Mango’s comments on what Bambang is doing. The plots have good twists and turns that are a little unexpected especially with Mango’s neighbour. This book is great for seven years old upwards and for anyone who loves Amelia Fang. It is book filled with simple, fun and sweet stories.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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