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Genre = YA, SCI-FI, Fantasy, Romance

Author = Neal Shusterman

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This book is about a world, where the world has reached its maximum population and you can live forever thanks to technology. So they created Scythe’s to help keep the population in check. We follow two trainee Scythes called Citra and Rowan who are being taught by Scythe Farady. It is unusual to have two apprentices but Scythe Farady is giving each of them a chance to prove themselves but only one will go free and one will become a Scythe which will it be and is there something else afoot in this complex world that could explode at any minute.

My Pitch To You:

This book is just so good, it is an original idea that I had never seen before and a thrilling plot. When I was a children’s bookseller this was my go to book if a parent came up to me and said my child doesn’t like reading. It has this great mix of reality and a futuristic look at society that makes you think about the way in which our society is and is moving forward. Neal Shusterman has this way of making me fall in love with the characters that I must know what happens to them and I was praying for a good outcome because I know he is one of those authors who will surprise with a heart wrenching death.

Rowan was an intriguing character that has a lot of development in this book from his understanding of human nature and empathy plus his realisation that there is more to life. Although I could definitely see his point of view if I lived in his world. By the end of the book you feel very conflicted about his character and I am not sure what to think because of what he has done. Farady what a clever minx I mean I love this character and would be in awe if he was my teacher because he is very strict but also he has this knowledge that I want to slowly absorb and understand. Once you get to the end with him you understand his motives and logic about the way his world is and the way the future will go. Citra such a powerful female character that I understand completely and was rooting for the whole time because she has this underlying purpose that I could relate to. I love the parts when she is with Curie because she challenges Citra’s character so much which makes the book thrilling.

The plot is very winding and all interconnected to culminate to this ultimate divide that is happening within the world about how the Scythedom should continue and whether it is a benefit or not. I like that this plot constantly questions why everything happens and that it slowly reveals itself to the reader in a way that I ended up going OMG really I had a feeling that was like that. It is a good pace that thrilled me and made me glued to the book because i was so attached to the characters and what happens to them and not just those central two characters but the surrounding ones too. The ending was very satisfying because it leaves it open to whatever is in the next book but it did feel a little predictable but I absolutely loved it anyway.

Overall, this is such a fantastic book and one that can really get you out of a reading slump as it makes you think about so many things to do with your own reality that it doesn’t feel overly fantastical for those who are not a fan of too much fantasy. The characters I really love but also dislike at times that I became so attached to as they go on their journey. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book but also to learn more about the world and the history of the Scythedom. Its a great book for 12 upwards and great for those who love dystopian books.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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