Scythe Short Review

Genre = YA, SCI-FI, Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian

Author = Neal Shusterman

Info  =


  • We follow two trainee Scythes.
  • Set in a world where the Scythes are need to keep the population under control.
  • These two trainees have uncovered a many of secrets that will change their lives’ forever!

My Pitch to You:

  • This book is great for reluctant readers.
  • It makes you question your thinking of what is a good society and what it should be.
  • There is an intense connection with the characters as I was not sure all would make it to the next book.
  • I could feel the suaveness of the thrilling aspects of the book which reminded me of James Bond.
  • It is perfect for fans of the dystopian genre and those who only like a pinch of SCI-FI/ fantasy.
  • I would suggest it for ages 12-years-old upwards.
  • My favourite character would be Scythe Farady as he is such a minx.
  • Reading this book made me want to have a whole history book about the culmination of Scythedom next to me.
  • The ending left me wanting to read the next in the series immediately.
  • I believe this would be a perfect film trilogy in the right hands as I would love to see the visual aspects of the world transformed onto the screen.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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