Mare of Easttown Season 1 Ep 1-3 Review


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Season 1

Episode 1

Kate Winslet is an incredible actor in my opinion and has a way of showing the character’s deep emotional trauma through her incredibly expressive face which she does perfectly with Mare in this TV show. In interviews I have watched on Youtube she states that this character was a challenge for her and that shows from the start as the show sets the scene. It is following a small town cop with a complex family situation and a teenager that has gone missing which has caused a rift between her and an old friend plus her ex husband getting married again.

This show instantly has that sleepy small town America vibe with an edge of something sinister coming round the corner but you are not sure when it is going to strike. I love Kate’s character, Mare I think she has this sense of duty that I can relate to but also this wanting for something more in her life and for her family. The situation with the teenager being missing is a hard truth that those cases can tear people and towns apart. I love that Guy Pearce is in this, he is one of my favourite actors. I am hooked already as I want to know more about this town and all its volatile relationships.

Episode 2

This show just keeps get better and better. In this episode the name of the body found is released to the press and then there is a new detective called Zabel played by Evan Peters, sent over from the big city to help Mare with the investigation. Their relationship starts of rocky as she is not the easiest to work with but she may let him in. Alongside that the parents in the town are taking matters into their own hands in ways that will land them in serious trouble. I can’t forget Mare has a date.

This episode had so many unexpected turns and twists in the story that I want to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss any of the clues. The date with Richard was awkward, as she was just his plus one and he ignored her instead of introducing her. I don’t like it when people to do that it makes me distrust them. The interrogation of the kids was predictable because I knew they are all hiding something but the way that she took Brianna out of the restaurant was so satisfying after what she did to that girl. The end revealed something that I wasn’t expecting but I am curious to see where it goes and whether that issue is related to the past murder.

Episode 3

Well this was a very depressing episode on all fronts as you get deeper into the backstories of all the characters. With Dylan alive and in hospital there is now a question whether the baby is his? There is also a lead to do with the Deacon Mark as he had contact with the victim and she rang him but why? Also the situation with Mare’s grandson escalates as the mother really wants custody of her son and leads to a very sad ending.

This episode wow there is so much going on every single minute and characters just dropping secrets left, right and centre. I am completely engrossed in this series and I really hope that they do another series. Oh Mare why did she do that I can’t believe she thought she could get away with that, I mean I understand why but that was just silly of her. I really like the character of Zabel, especially in this episode he opens up to Mare in the pub and you get to see a different side of him. It is nice to see that Mare is having a nice date with Richard as I see in so many series and films when a woman is separated or divorced it is like she is doomed for all future relationships but in this show it is nice to see her having a good time and promise of a future relationship. I don’t think she is going to follow what her chief has said but who knows!

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