Tuck Everlasting Review

Genre = Fantasy, Children’s Fiction, YA, Classics, Romance

Author = Natalie Babbitt

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42740722-tuck-everlasting


This book follows a young girl named Winnie who is part of the only family that live in the woods. All she wishes for is to go exploring in the woods and the outside world. One afternoon she decides to go beyond the fence and meets a young boy at the pond Jesse? This chance meeting will change her life forever!

My Pitch To You:

So this is book is quite philosophical in the way that it is written. It is a bit similar in style to Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed the fact you got the perspective of the Man in the Yellow Suit he was an interesting and mysterious character that gave a sense of danger to the book. The mixture between short and long chapters was a good combination to give that suspense and excitement. It read to me like a thriller for children with that discussion of the unknown of what is going to happen to.

The theme of immortality was the most prominent in the book. It is an important debate as we get better at technology we live longer. In the book it follows that fear that there is no end to your life which is scary thought. Natalie Babbitt brings forth her argument that everything has a natural end in a calm and lesson learning way. The theme of family in this book is such an interesting argument because in some ways the Tucks are a better family and more loving towards Winnie. For me it shows that your family is not just your blood relatives like for me I have lots of extended family and I think that is important to embrace those people in your life. This book is making me think in a philosophical way. The theme of protection is integral to the plot as it is that fear of knowledge and consequences which plagues our society so much. That made the book very realistic and emotional especially with Mae’s character.

Winnie what an adorable and innocent character. I loved the way she was learning so much of life through this experience it made it relatable. Her thoughts throughout the book I thought were very realistic for her age. Jesse as a character, you really felt his longing for a future of possibilities which was so heartbreaking. He had this great mixture of so wanting to be an adult but still very much a kid. I loved reading him and was rooting for him at the end. Mae, I loved that she was so protective, strong but also human. She never gave up on her life and was very much the glue in her family which made her so lovable. Tuck I felt sorry for because I knew he lost his way but I still wanted to believe in him. Winnie’s family I just didn’t like at all. The Man in the Yellow Suit was a devious villain.

The plot was a mixture of fast paced action and slow thoughts which is the perfect combination for me. The use of Winnie and Jesse for the romance in the book was heartbreaking as it was the promise of one that would change everything. That promise of a future with someone made the book so emotional but also gripping. It may seem creepy if you read it as he wants her but he doesn’t because he wants to wait for her which is sweet. I felt the ending was quite sudden but hopeful then the epilogue tore me to shreds. The build up was done perfectly in terms suspense and tension.

I loved this book and my colleague at work who said I must read it, was so right. It was just an incredible and important book that I will give to my children. It deals with that line of fantasy and reality and how blurry they are in modern day. Also that pain of knowing your future is so powerful and heartbreaking I had to know more about the Tucks. It is a book I would say is more for 10 upwards as they might understand it better. It is very philosophical and deep but not in a dull way. It is more like a fairy tale where you love the story but don’t fully appreciate everything the book is saying till your older. I so would love her to write a book about the part in between the ending and epilogue and left me with so many questions I need to know more but sadly she is no longer with us. I guess that is for the imagination!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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