Father of the Bride 2 Review

Father of the Bride 2

Genre = Comedy, Family, Romance

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After the perfect wedding, the happy couple Annie and Bryan are settled in to their new apartment with their fantastic life and their great jobs. On the other side, Annie’s parents George and Nina have a house that is falling down and not sure whether they want to sell it plus George is having a mid life crisis. Not only that but the Annie has some news that will excite everyone. At the same time, Nina has some news after a visit to the doctor. What could two pieces of new be?

My Pitch To You:

This is a great step up from the first film with all you’re favourite characters and some new ones towards the end that will surprise everyone especially George with their sneaker choice. This film just fills the cute spot in my heart with so many oh and aw moments. It still has that family theme throughout it, that makes me wish that that was my own family. I don’t how many times I wished as a teenager that I was Annie. I know it’s a bit silly but she has a great husband, great parents and great job what is not to love. I guess she is a bit of an ideal of a 90s woman but who isn’t looking for that charmed life or a version of it in their own context.

There are still so many hilarious moments in this film and many of them due to Franck who takes it to a whole another level in this film with the exercising video scene, I was just in tears and the sleeping pill scene with George and then when he tried to move him was so funny and painful to watch. He also has a lot more tender moments in this film especially with George, this showed how they had grown into a family through these two films. George well what a dad and a husband he could almost be perfect, in particular with getting those takeaway orders I would love a man like that. I love his mid life crisis moments with the hair colour OMG that was hilarious and when sauntered into the kitchen. Nina was again the sweetest character with those comical looks that just said exactly what she was thinking which was always a trick I wanted to master. Annie I felt didn’t really have a huge part in this film. it was a bit disappointing as I would have liked to see more of her. However, the main focus was on Nina and her situation which I enjoyed but I thought more bonding was needed between the two of them.

The plot is comical and so much fun with all that is going on. Although I can’t spoil it but the poster should give you a clue. It is a heartwarming concept which I think we don’t get as much of in today’s cinema as it is always about how very gritty and hard life is. I think we need more happy plots like this one in the cinema. I thought that the whole plot was a bit rushed and there were parts of the film that turned into montages than moments which annoyed me. I love having George narrate I think he embodies those silly and dad like qualities perfectly.

This is a great family film and a good sequel. It is wonderful to see that the family has grown and to an extent by the end of this film I felt I had grown up with them as these films had been a big part of my childhood. I can’t believe there are no more films. I would like them to do another one looking at the next generation I think that would be hilarious and to see Steve Martin and Diane Keaton together again, they are such a great comedy couple. This is one of those films if you just want something feel good that will make you believe in love and family again, this is the one. It also has some hilarious characters that you will love forever.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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