Children’s Fiction 5-8 Years Old Book Releases January 2022

If you are like me and are worried you are missing out on all the new releases. I have decided to do a list of releases of all my favourite genres for this month. So here is the January Children’s Fiction 5-8 years old book releases for 2022. Let me know which books take your fancy in the comments below.

6th – Mike Falls Up by Candy Gourlay and Carles Ballesteros


Rabbit and Bear A Bad King Is A Sad Thing by Jim Field and Julian Gough


Harley Hitch and the Missing Moon by Vashti Hardy and George Ermos


13th – Dragon Storm Tomas and Ironskin by Alastair Chisholm, Eric Deschamps and Ben Mantle


20th – Leonora Bolt Secret Inventor by Lucy Brandt and Gladys Jose


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