Top Ten Trailers 2022 #2

If you are looking for new films or TV shows to excited about this is what this post is all about. Here are this weeks top 10 trailers for films and TV shows I am super excited to watch!

1. Puss in Boots The Last Wish (Film) 23th September 2022 (not confirmed)

2. All The Old Knives (Film) 8th April 2022 Amazon Prime

3. Moonshot (Film) Hopefully coming to Sky/Now soon

4. Master (Film) New to Amazon Prime

5. Bullet Train (Film) 29th July 2022 (not confirmed)

6. Men (Film) 20th May 2022

7. When The Crawdads Sing (Film) 15th July 2022 (not confirmed)

8. Dual (Film) Hopefully Coming Soon to the UK

9. Choose or Die (Film) 15th April 2022 Netflix

10. I Love America (Film) 29th April 2022 Amazon Prime

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