March 2022 Cinema Releases

This is a quiet month for cinema releases but make no mistake there are still some cracking films to see. The one top of the list and one I personally adored was The Batman with its dark interior and exterior, this character is brought to life with more of a focus on the case and how to solve it which as a lover of detective fiction is a perfect combination of superhero and mystery. The other two films you must see are ones I saw at the BFI London Film Festival last year and are amazing love stories. Ali & Ava is the first which follows two people Ali and Ava who are just looking for some simple love in their life and one day in the school parking lot they see it and they can’t go back, no matter what anyone thinks. The second is Paris, 13th District this is a beautiful French black and white film that looks at how people intertwine in and out of your life and how nothing is a sure thing and that sometimes you just got to go with the flow and be happy.

3rd – The Batman


Why I am interested: A slow burn mystery that will have you captivated throughout.

3rd – Ali & Ava


Why I am interested: A beautiful love story that brings two worlds together through their love of people and music.

18th – X


Why I am interested: A horror film about making a adult film.

18th – Paris, 13th District


Why I am interested: A stunning look at how people come and go out of our lives and that love is hard.

18th – Wolf


Why I am interested: A drama about feeling trapped in your body and the inner nature in you needing to come out.

25th – The Worst Person in the World


Why I am interested: Another love story I can’t wait to watch.

25th – Umma


Why I am interested: A horror film centered around a ghost story and Korean culture.

31st – Morbius


Why I am interested: I just don’t know but I am interested.

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