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We find the Batman already in the mist of a dark Gotham that is on the edge of collapse. With a tight mayoral race between Mayor Don Mitchell Jr and Bella Reál which suddenly becomes a one way race. When The Riddler sees fit to start to rid the city of the filth and corruption that runs rife in this city. The question is will he succeed in cleansing Gotham?

My Pitch To You:

This is a dark tale about Gotham City, on the brink of extinction. As Gotham looks for a path to a better future. Will Batman be their saviour? That scenario seems so familiar. But it remains relevant exactly because of the world we live in: modern-day wars and the ecological wrath of the Earth.

My teenage attraction to Batman focused more on the detective side of the character and how the villains in this city weaved a web of mystery for him to uncover. This latest Batman goes back to that genre’s roots in a dark and clever way with the use of the villain The Riddler.

The Riddler’s role is to create a mystery within a mystery through the riddles he leaves behind after each crime. At the end of the film instead of the expected end credit scene there was simply a website address. For a time, this website was active and filled with the Riddler’s riddles. Sadly, after Warner Bros. released the deleted scene with The Joker they decided to shut down the site. Disappointing – but I was never able to solve any of the riddles myself. Were any of my readers able to?

This iteration of The Riddler is a more disturbed version made more apparent by his intense breathing and his obsession with the use of duct tape on his victims. His plan at the end to cleanse the city by flooding it after the explosions creates a biblical motif of cleansing the city of corruption but as we know corruption doesn’t wash off that easily.

They have developed the character of The Penguin, another villain from the Batman universe, moving away from his clown like nature and giving him a more Godfather look this adds to the corruption theme of the film.

The slow revelation of the backstories of each character was gripping leading us back to the Wayne family connection. The backstory of Selina Kyle was a triumph for women characters within this universe as her arc revealed a strong character where sometimes even Batman was just tagging along. When Selina takes revenge on Falcone for the death of her mother it is raw and empowering.

In this film for the first time Batman takes more of an observer’s role rather than his usual constant full pelt action. The hypocrisy of the cop, Officer Martinez who hated Batman but loved Bruce Wayne was a strong comment on society. There are also lighter moments and comical scenes.

The film’s score is incredibly dark and depressing with its booming instrumentals and sombre tones with the only relief being the dance tracks during the club scenes.
Selina and Batman each have super sexy motor bike a delight for all bike enthusiasts. The Batmobile is the gem gadget of this film resembling a 1960s Mustang with a roaring engine.

The relationship between Batman and Selina had a hint of romance behind their deep connection. Alfred has the role of the father figure trying to steer Batman along the right path with his puzzle knowledge.

My only quarrel was at points, it was a bit long, but this film is a mysterious journey down a rabbit hole of corruption. It was a thinker filled with action and character development. This world of Batman has even more to uncover, and Robert Patterson has proven to be a great choice for this character.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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