BFI London Film Festival 2021 – Intro Daily Festival Journal

This was only my second time experiencing the festival and really 2020 didn’t count because it was all online and the buzz and excitement at queuing at the early hours of the morning to get into the first screening so you can fit in every other film you want to see wasn’t there. When I stepped into the queue of all the excited but weary press people, I knew this is where I wanted to be, forever debating films which made you change your perspective or supremely angered you. Through these next few weeks, I will take you day by day through what I saw at the festival through the highs and the lows. I am doing these posts almost a year later as now most of the films are available to watch either through streaming or to rent. The other reason is that it is intriguing to see how much my opinions have altered from the bustling onslaught of having watched a whopping 47 films in such a short space of time.


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