Ticket to Paradise Review

Ticket to Paradise

Genre = Comedy, Romance

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This film follows Lily as she graduates from school and then heads on relaxation trip to Bali with her best friend Wren. Before that we meet Lily’s parents who are Georgia and David who have been divorced for 25 years. Though they are not a happily divorced couple they are the most bickering ex-couple you’ll ever meet. However, when Lily calls her parents to tell them that she is getting married to a wonderful seaweed farmer called Gede. Her parents are not on board and for once are teaming to get Lily to come to her senses and not get married. Will it work or will love conquer all?

My Pitch To You:

I loved this film, it was so silly and entertaining. It is just the perfect bear hug of a romcom. So if you are in need of some serious comfort then look no further than this great film with George Clooney and Julia Roberts leading the cast.

I found this film insanely relatable as I am child of divorced parents and the effort you have to put to keep both of them happy is shown a lot in this film especially with the graduation scene. For context I only do it for one of them now. Some of the conversations I felt were like deja vu for me to watch. The other point I found so relatable was the decision of Lily to take a different path from her traditional western route of becoming a lawyer which is what her parents wanted her to do. I also strayed from the traditional path of what my family think is a good job. I think this film will resonate with a lot of young people today deciding that typical isn’t the perfect way to live your life.

The exploration into Bali culture and seeing the seaweed farms was beautiful. It is a perfect comment on how we judge people too quickly who live differently to us whether it is something small or the fact they live simply. I think that is the dangerous effect of consumerism and that insatiable need for more looses our ability to appreciate the simple things. This film comments on that fact in a subtle way that makes you reevaluate your own life.

The thing I loved more than anything about the film was that family was main subject. Really pointing out how important a part it plays in the happiness of your life by having them always there for you no matter the crazy situations they create. If you can stand them lol!

That scene with the snake in the cave with Georgia and her French boyfriend, Paul who is played by the wonderful actor Lucas Bravo (from Emily in Paris) was beyond hilarious. As he was trying to attempt something and got bitten by a snake which is not funny but the comedy that came out of it was like something out of a Steve Martin film. There were also multiple scenes at the hotel were he was really trying to be this perfect boyfriend and it was obviously not working which made excellent comedic moments. Paul was such a slapstick character that made me laugh every time and the way he kissed her was so cringe worthy.

The seaweed farm scene with David and Georgia was a beautiful look at how love never fades once you have that connection with someone. Also the competitiveness is so amusing I was in tears laughing. It is obvious from that scene and many others throughout the film that these two have great chemistry that makes it a great film.

The character of Gede was such a beautifully scripted kind man that understood the nuances of family dynamics. The scene when he tells off David was golden and showed how much faith that character had in the love in his heart. Also the scenes with his dad Komang were so funny when he tries to mess with Lily’s parents.

There is a dancing scene with a drinking game that looked like such a fun scene and you can tell they had so much fun filming it. You almost wish you were there with them and then scene after with Georgia and David just makes you laugh even more. It is wonderful, pure silliness!

The sad parts of the film are mainly about trust. The knowledge that your child knows what is best for them and that letting go moment is such a hard but interesting emotional dilemma presented in the film. I think that knowledge that they will be alright is shown as the hardest fact to accept so I think a lot parents will relate to that.

There are so many moments of beauty in the scenery that they use in the film which makes you want to visit Bali. You think in a way that kind of annoys you because you see it as an advertisement but this film is showing it to tie into the story of love is in all its forms. In a way it becomes a character in the story as it is showing more of what you are not seeing in Gede and Lily’s relationship because you are coming from a one sided perspective.

I really enjoyed this film it was a great escape with a sweet plot. It is one that I would definitely watch with your mother which is what I did we laughed throughout film. I think one of the things I really appreciated about this story as a young woman was that the main character Lily was creating her own path rather than following the set western path. That she knew this was what made her feel whole even if it wasn’t what others were expecting of her, she felt content to continue on. I loved the fact that we had a man, Gede having doubts and expressing them in a open and crucial point in the film that was a step forward in society.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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