Bones Season 1 PT Ep 13-16 TV Review


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Season 1

Episode 13

This episode follows a boy who is moving a decomposed bodies across town who is part of a gang. But where do these bodies come from and who are they? How are they connected the gang, a senator and his garden? While Booth shows Bones the type of tactics police use to get results from people who are part of gangs or not legal citizens. However, Bones can’t see the benefit in scary them into submission.

This was such devastating look at the way society treats people today who no longer have safe home in their own country. You will feel very angry and annoyed after watching this episode which shows how great an episode it is! It shows the reality of how much someone really cares about the people they love. It gives the viewer some amazing character development that really makes you connect with Bones. Especially the way she reasons with the gang member and the way she beats up the leader in such a badass way. Then the reaction from Booth is a nasty form of intimidation that really scares me that that is necessary to safeguard your partner. It’s one to watch.

Episode 14

Airplane crashes are not always as simple as you think. This episode is all about pieces of bone that don’t belong to this super secretive plane crash. Their boss is wanting them to focus on the bodies from the plane crash and identify the extra passenger who seems to be not on the manifest. While Bones would prefer to focus on the bone fragments that were found and could potentially belong to a man searching for his father’s body. However, this man is pushy and pulling on Bones’ heartstrings as he knows that her parents disappeared many years ago and still haven’t been found.

This definitely pulls at the heartstrings due to its connection to Bones’ own parents situation. The lack of knowledge that both her and Jesse have creates a bond which is sweet at times, but at points he is taking advantage of her which is annoying to watch. I love that Booth is showing Bones how with these cases you can’t always believe the person who gives it to you and you have to look at all avenues. The big incident with the wood chopper was hilarious and so gross. I felt the Jesse was creepy but it showed perfectly the alternative to Bones. Poor Zack he tries so hard with Booth which is so sad too watch because he just needs a friend and if you are further along you will understand my cryptic messaging.

Episode 15

This follows a mob case but also the case of a woman mauled by dogs. But how are they connected or are they connected at all? Also Bones has a internet date with David but will it go well? The case of the mauled woman by dogs reminds Booth of an old case he had were he didn’t get enough evidence to convict the guy so he went free. Is this his chance to redeem himself?

I loved this episode because of its development of the relationship between Bones and Booth into the unknown. Also it’s an episode that you can’t stop watching as the pacing is done perfectly. It was an intricate plot that developed beautifully at the end. This was an intense episode to watch with a shootout and an explosion plus a lot of protective moments of Booth over Bones which is adorable to watch because you know one day they will end up together. Also a scary ending because some people will do anything to protect the truth from coming out. Also Hodgins’ Mini makes an appearance and boy is it cute.

Episode 16

This episode is all about the tunnels and a documentary filmmaker that was found at the bottom of a shaft with rats crawling all over her. When Bones finds the body she sees a man in the distance and runs after him but he gets away. Who is he and whom is he to the victim? This filmmaker had a fiancé but did the fiancé know about the climbing guy? So who killed her?

I love Bones in this episode as this felt like an analysis of her relationship with humans and where that is going. As it discussed her job, as it is a job that observes from the outside in and is mostly a lonely place with not much human interaction. This case was an intriguing one as it examines the need we have to always get to the truth and the treasure but once we have it. Do we document in the correct way and find its history fully or do we stop at a point that we know. The actual ending was a little annoying because it was obvious but I guess that is life it is always a little bit obvious in its outcomes. The case was fascinating and always kept you guessing about who it was. I like that it tied into a few political issues of the day. It’s an episode to sink your teeth into.

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