December 2022 Wrap Up

This was a very bad month for reading especially as it consisted of lots of starting books and not finishing them which has been a theme in life for way too long, next year I am changing that. However, I did manage to watch two great TV shows starting with Hellcats which if you are sad after watching Cheer on Netflix and need something to fill the hole this is the show for you. Plus there are fun songs and dancing be prepared to feel preppy after! The other show was on the more serious note called Nurses which is basically the nurse version of Grey’s Anatomy which reminds so much of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy as you are slowly peeling back the layers of each person’s background. Plus the combination of Grace, Ash and Naz as badass female leads was epic to watch. On the film side, I had the great privilege of being press at the Japanese Film Festival in Sydney where I went to the opening night to see the amazing film, Dreaming of the Meridian Arc. This film captured my heart in these friends struggle continue their mentors work and the contrast story of how we represent that history in the modern day.




Snap Review: A beautiful story of the harsh reality of boxing and the confidence it gives people.

Dreaming of the Meridian Arc


Snap Review: A hilarious and touching film about the legacy of one man’s work mapping the whole of Japan.

TV Shows:

Hellcats Season 1


Snap Review: The drama and the cheer-leading routines make this series so fun to watch. It is such a shame it only got one season.

Nurses Season 1


Snap Review: I love the characters in this show they reminded me a lot of Grey’s Anatomy first series and such a shame that it only got two season.

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