November 2022 Wrap Up

This month was a chill month for all three of my favourite activities but what I did read and watch especially on the TV side was really good. In terms of books We Have Always Lived In The Castle was my favourite as it really made me think about what Shirley Jackson was trying to say about society and our perception of people. For films my favourite would be Goodnight Mommy as it just completely freaked me out and it is a film about breaking trust and knowing when something is real and not and how fine that line is. The boys in this film were incredible at acting and I hope they get a lot more films after this. Lastly for TV shows it has to be Chucky as the favourite and both seasons were equally amazing. They developed different characters arc’s and constantly gave us more of the history of Chucky. Hands now my favourite thing of month, so definitely check out Chucky on SYFY which is part of Sky/ Now.


Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie


Snap Review: Too much misdirection and it got a bit boring towards the end, I hate to say.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson


Snap Review: A creepy look at mob mentality and being different to the rest of society centered around two sisters in a big house.


Goodnight Mommy


Snap Review: A seriously freaking film and I am still not convinced about that ending and have so many questions.



Snap Review: A hilarious and insanely important film about the rise of fascism.

American Hustle


Snap Review: The lust for money knows no bounds but when freedom is involved they’ll do anything to get it and gain the system.

TV Shows:

Chucky Season 1 + 2


Snap Review: A ode to the films that made dolls so creepy and starts a new group of survivors with some romance mixed in for Jake and Devon.

The White Lotus Season 1


Snap Review: The most stressful TV show to watch but the ending is so unexpected you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Telenovela Season 1


Snap Review: A hilarious and ridiculous short episode show about how the making of a telenovela turns your life into a telenovela.

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