New Waterstones Deals – Affiliate Post

I am an affiliate of Waterstones. They send me emails about offers and what promotions they are doing each month.

I am creating this as a constantly updated post where you can find all the great deals at Waterstones.

This week is Mental Health Awareness and as somebody who has been through a lot herself. It is great to see Waterstones curating a list of recommendations around this topic.

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The Game of the Month at the moment is 221B Baker Street. I have this game at home and love it. If you are in the mood for solving a crime, this game will keep you on your toes until you crack the case.

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Lastly there are some Great Book Deals on at the moment. Stephen King’s new novel is on pre-order for half price. I am a big Stephen King fan. Lucy Clarke’s new novel is on half price who is a great crime author.

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As always keep geeking!

Keeping my library growing and recommendations coming!

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