August 2023 Cinema Releases

My most anticipated release this month has to be Haunted Mansion I love the original and anything to do with Halloween or horror is my jam. Not to mention the incredible cast attached to this film including horror royalty Jamie Lee Curtis so I have high hopes for this Disney remake. Then there is the possibility of DC recuperating its name with Blue Beetle which looks hilarious and fun plus it involves Ancient Egypt so I am sold but not convinced it will be great. Lastly The Blackening is film I think will surprise me the most this with it’s taking the mic out of horror tropes.

4th – Joy Ride


Why I’m Interested: A hilarious comedy about friendship and finding out where you come from and belong.

9th – Gran Turismo


Why I’m Interested: It is fast cars with David Harbour and Orlando Bloom.

Haunted Mansion


Why I’m Interested: This new version has a stellar cast of Tiffany Haddish, Jamie Lee Curtis and LaKeith Stanfield what more do I need to say.

18th – Blue Beetle


Why I’m Interested: The new DC film that seems like it might be a more adult version of spy kids but hilarious.

25th – The Blackening


Why I’m Interested: It is similar to Saw and US so I am really intrigued.



Why I’m Interested: A heart warming story of a family member actually showing up for a kid.

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