August 2023 TV Releases

It seems that August is the month for thrillers in TV. This has month has you packed with all the terrible things happening right under your nose speaking of I am exciting to see another Harlan Coben adaptation this one at Amazon Prime called Shelter and who doesn’t love a bogey-woman story especially as John Wick is no longer around (spoiler if you haven’t seen the films and they are epic so go watch them). My most anticipated has to be Star Wars Ahsoka as it the story of strong female hero called Ahsoka plus we have been waiting of this for too long Disney. I am seeing a pattern and I am not pleased. Lastly one that I think will be a gem is Who is Erin Carter? as it is about a teacher in Barcelona who has very sordid and dangerous past that is slowly being unraveled after an incident in a store.


10th – Painkiller Season 1


Why I’m Interested: It is about the invention of Oxycotin and stars Matthew Broderick.

24th – Who is Erin Carter? Season 1


Why I’m Interested: A teacher with a dangerous past set in Barcelona.

Amazon Prime

4th – The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1


Why I’m Interested: It has Sigourney Weaver in it.

18th – Shelter Season 1


Why I’m Interested: It is about a town bogeywoman who comes out at night and steals children.


23rd – Star Wars: Ahsoka: Season 1


Why I’m Interested: It is Ahsoka it is bound to be amazing!

29th – A Murder at the End of the World Season 1


Why I’m Interested: It has Emma Corrin in it.

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