Children’s Fiction 5-8yrs Book Releases August 2023

If you are like me and are worried you are missing out on all the new releases. I have decided to do a list of releases of all my favourite genres for this month. So here is the children’s fiction 5-8yrs book releases for August 2023.

Let me know which books take your fancy in the comments below.

3rd Huxley and Flapjack Race to the Rescue by Alan MacDonald and Francesca Gambatesa

Info: No Goodreads

The After School Detective Club – The Case of the Dastardly Dognappers by Mark Dawson and Ben Mantle


The Hidden World of Magical Creatures by Max Evans and Robert Ingpen


Space Blasters Suzie and the Comet of Chaos (book 3) by Katie and Kevin Tsang and Amy Nguyen


Diary of an Accidental Witch Stage Fright by Honor and Perdita Cargill and Katie Saunders

Info: No Goodreads

31st Meet the Maliks Twin Detectives The Cookie Culprit by Zanib Mian and Kyan Cheng


Leonora Bolt The Great Gadget Games by Lucy Brandt and Gladys Jose


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