I have loved books since I was tiny and that is mainly thanks to my mother and her love for books! There are also two other women who were authors who inspired me to find a career in books and to create this blog and they are Jill Murphy who wrote The Worst Witch and Holly Black who wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles. These two authors are the reason I write and love books plus I can’t thank them enough for their amazing imaginations!

So the books I mainly read are a mix of genres here they are; Young Adult Fiction/Teen, Fantasy, SCI-FI, Popular Science, some general fiction, 9-12 and 5-8 children’s fiction, History, Politics, True Crime, Thriller, Horror, Comics in volume form, Film, Mysteries and Crime. I know its a lot but I never like to be tied down to one genre. I do like a bit of Romance as well occasionally.

I will endeavour to read a book before publication and mostly my aim is read a proof that I have received within that month of receiving it. However, work and other factors do tend to get in the way so please bear with me. I will not release a book review until either a week before, the week of a release date or when I am told. Although I will endeavour to tweet throughout my reading and leading up to the release if I am really enjoying a book. I read mostly print copies but I do read on my Kindle as well.

I rate books on 1-5 stars system that based on my feelings of the book in terms of plot, characters, characters actions, writing style, pacing and world. These are purely my interpretations and if I dislike something I will state who I think it should be recommended too.

I work in the book world as the Book Buyers Assistant for Forbidden Planet and previously as a Children’s Bookseller for Waterstones. So please do email me at or DM me @emilyccannings with the details of the book, I am always eager to read and review something new and fascinating.