Because I Said So

Its another Diane Keaton film! I’m a bit obsessed but she is such a good actress in Chick Flicks and RomComs!


So this film is about three daughters and their mother Diane Keaton. It focuses mainly on the youngest Milly and her search for the perfect guy and her interferring mum. I think all women and even men can relate to that last part. So her mother takes it into her own hands and puts up a personal add to date my daughter. She then proceeds to meet them but who will she allow to date her daughter?

So Diane Keaton in this film will frustrate you to no end you’ll just want to slap her out of her stupid controlling obsession over her daughter’s love life. This is great because it means she has played her character beautifully. The daughters the youngest played by Mandy Moore and the other two played by Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo had a great sister dynamic from the cheeky one to the independent one. The men were great too but i feel like because I didn’t mention them in the plot i’ll let you make your own opinions of them. I’ll only say that Harvey from Suits the TV show is in it!

The plot and the general flow of the movie wasn’t so great and I think that was because the script lacked witty lines and was too focused on the romcom side of the film. Also I just wanted more depth and development from the characters as they felt very one dimensional which would have been rectified by more backstory on their childhood together.

Overall, it is a fun chick flick to watch if you want something to switch off to. A lesson to all mothers not to butt in on their children’s relationships. A nice chill out movie in which your crush for Gabriel Macht (Harvey from Suits) increases!

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Gnomeo & Juliet

Title: Gnomeo & Juliet

Genre: Action, Comedy, Family

Director:  Kelly Asbury

Cast: James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Maggie Smith

Production Company: Rocket Pictures, Touchstone Pictures


Shakespeare meets gnomes?? My favourite adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.




As you probably guessed this is the story of Romeo & Juliet but set in gnome land. I felt this was appropiate to talk about this film because of the anniversary of the bards death. But this film has a light twist at the ending!

I have to say that Romeo & Juliet is not my favourite Shakespeare I think because of the tradegy element it is strange because I love drama films and tv shows. However, this is a mix of modern and traditional interpretation which is because it is done by Rocket Pictures.

So Rocket Pictures is run by Elton John and his husband David Furnish so straight away you know the music is gonna be amazing. I mean I have been listening to Elton since I was kid to Crocodile Rock my favourite. Not only that but the collaboration of people on board this project is phenomenal which he speaks of in the featurette. I honestly can’t wait to see what else they have done!

The casting is unbelieveable not only on their own but as couple acting because in Romeo & Juliet there is little duets of characters that banter off each other which is why the story is so successful. So you have Maggie Smith and Michael Caine, Emily Blunt and James MacAvoy and Julie Walters and Richard Wilson. They really bring it to life. Also some of the gnomes  in the animation look like the actors which makes it even funnier!

Overall, I absolutely loved the film the best adaptation of Romeo & Juliet ever. I cannot leave without mentioning the funniest frog in history Ashley Jensen such a comedy gold. Of course Patrick Stewart as Shakespeare very poignant and I bet he loved that role. The music as usual Elton John just wowed me such funny songs but then emotional songs that brought the film to life. A brilliant family film everyone should watch it!


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Stepford Wives

The first time I watched this movie was when I was a lot younger. So I thought at the end of the movie that it was the weirdest film ever and I didn’t understand it. Now as a woman of 21 I have a new appreciation for the film.

With my new appreciation for this film I now understand that looking at the both extremes of feminism and maculism shows neither extremes work in modern society and that all genders should be equal. It also really brings you down to earth and off your high horses about how too much of one extreme can be awful. I think we need to remember that when we are talking about feminism that there is a bad side to it. I think her TV channel shows the devastating effect it can have, it can turn into a power play and not about equality.

The stereotypes you see in this film of the 1950s style husband and wife it amazes how far we have come in being more equal in relationships. I think this has the best cast of the three rebels Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman and Roger Bart. I think every woman or man can see themselves in these characters. A real comedy trio!

The robot part of the film is a perfect tie in to question the role of humans in the future. It is such a good concept of robots replacing the one relationship we crave in life. I guess it could happen in the near future but I think after a while as human beings we would crave that real connection with another person. I do think it’s a concept that should be looked at more in film.

Overall, this is a fantastic film full of great comedy and questioning the way we live in society today. For me this is one of those films that leaves you thinking about the way we respect and treat people. This has been a very serious review but this film is still a great comedy. Watch it if you dare to reveal the greatest twist in society?

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Father of the Bride

This is a film I grew up on. It was one of the few films I watched when I went to stay with my grandma in Australia when I was kid. So this film has a special place in my heart.


I remember when I was a kid this was my idea of the perfect wedding in your own home, dancing in the back garden and of course the crazy wedding planner. That plan is in my head but a lot of the ideas have changed and don’t tell me girls you do not plan your wedding in your head. This film is exactly that about young girl who falls in love in Rome comes back home engaged all about how they plan the wedding!

Another reason why I love this film is it has the perfect parent duo the fabulous Diane Keaton and the funniest Steve Martin they encompass everything about parents who are just so in shock. There is this amazing scene where Annie is just telling her parents she is engaged and the transition of expressions is hilarious. You have to watch it! Steve also has some hilarious lives throughout the film that just makes the comedy element of this film for instance, ‘don’t forget to fasten your condom’!

I think I have just loved this film since I was a kid because its such a feel good movie with the greatest family comedy. I cannot forget Franck he is the most hilarious and incomprehensible person in the film everytime I see him I burst out laughing. Its just the perfect movie to sit down and watch to all daughters who are looking for something to watch with your mum or grandma. Its such a classic.

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Hitchcock Behind the Scenes

As a teenager, Hitchcock was my favourite director. I remember when my mother bought me my Hitchcock Collection DVD box set that it was the start of my love for horror and thriller films. It also branched me out into the old film genre. So when I heard about the release of this biographical film, called Hitchcock, I was extactic.


Psycho is my favourite Hitchcock film so I was guaranteed to love this film, as it is centred on Hitchcock’s making of the film. It shows his transition from Hollywood-style horror to present-day-style horror where the focus is more on the criminal and his mindset rather than the victim — usually a damsel in distress.

I don’t know much about the history of Hitchcock but I have been told that Peter Ackroyd’s recently published biography (Alfred Hitchcock, Chatto & Windus, 2015) of him will tell you all about why he was so obsessed with the thrills and the horrors of life. So I can’t comment on the accuracy but certainly the film was fantastic. Mainly because you got to see full view of his genius meaning the collaboration of Hitchcock with his wife Alma who is played brillantly by Helen Mirren.

The one thing that really surprised me was how much of an innovator he was in liberalising the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA). Without his push many of the films we love and have broken boundaries for example Sinister and 12 Years a Slave would not be allowed. His movement towards the horror side when movies were considered to be more about a girl in trouble and a handsome hulk saves the girl—film over. However, with Hitchcock when you left the cinema he had you talking and thinking and questioning the film which is what directors strive for today.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film not just cause it centres on Hitchcock but also the amazing cast with Anthony Hopkins at the helm giving a fantastic performance in my opinion — just how I imagined him. Definitely something worth watching if like biopics or a fan of Hitchcock but also a great thrill ride to see how Psycho might have been made. I almost forgot but Scarlett Johansson’s performance of the shower scene and throughout the film is why she should be taken more seriously as an actor. Go and watch it if you wanna see the Horrors of Hollywood! HAHAHA!

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How to Train Your Dragon or Your Father?

I have to confess I have not read the books yet but was dying to see the film so I indulged myself. Usually I am very strict on reading books first before I watch the film so the book reviews will be coming out very soon after.

how to train your dragon

At the age of 21 I still love watching a really good animation movie I think its just childhood nostalgia. This movie is made by Dreamworks who came up with Shrek one one of my all time favourite movies so naturally I had high expectations and they fulfilled it.

This movie is set on island full of pillaging vikings which I am surprised how well they made them so child friendly. Anyway so dragons are pests and killing one is a status symbol in their village. So obviously there is this kid who parents are the head of the village and he is the laughing stock of the village.

But then he accidentally hits the most famous dragon a NIGHT FURY but finds the dragon and a different side to them a human side ot hte dragon. Which I’m sure if dragons existed they would all be like toothless (the night fury) cute, cuddly, brave and fierce.

I know this sounds like a generic kids film but this is different like Shrek. It has that spirit that great children’s films have that take you back to a world you thought you’d forgotten.

Overall, this film for me has a great actors, characters, animation and story. It has a special message that I think we all need to take on board which is we must remember to listen to our younger generation and to evolve with the times so we can make the best out of life.

Morning Glory-Review

I don’t know how many times I have watched this film but everytime I love it more, it’s definitely in my classic collection.


It has this great jump at the start of the film. You think the girl has got everything she needs but the man, so you think it’s gonna be about the man. But then Chip (the IVY league idiot) comes along – he turns her life upside down and takes her job! Then she gets this big break to work for IBS’s morning show and she shows the world what a hard working woman can do.

I also love this film because it has Diane Keaton in it and I have admired her as a woman and an actress for years; she just has this great comedic buzz about her and it just flows out of her so naturally.

The banter between her and Harrison Ford just brings the film together. Ford has that combination of arrogrance and ego that annoys you but that you just can’t stop laughing at. For instance, he says in a irritating show-off way, ‘I laid a cool wash cloth on Mother Teresa’s forehead during a cholera epedemic, I have had luch with Dick Cheney.’ Oh the arrogance so  hilarious!

It moves on nicely to the whole point of this film which is the news vs entertainment in the side of television and how in many ways entertainment has won. Or has is it that entertainment is merely a simpler version of the news, just more dramatised and slightly fictionalised? I think that news is still important to people but the problem is the understanding of politics and social issues are not discussed enough at the beginning of their lives, that is, at school.

The film also brings up the increasing worrying issue of people’s limited attention span and how every single story has to be a short sensational story to be able to catch the attention of people today. This is an issue I am constantly asking people and myself about. I think it is partly to do with making the time to do those things that take a while to do, but you come out with a greater understanding of a subject and I think that is what we need to remember when discussing this issue.

I think overall, Morning Glory is a great family comedy film that all will enjoy. For me it just brings a sense of joy and in some way a wanting to work and do all the great ideas I have in my head. It’s rare when a film has that perfect combination of comedy and thought but this definitely does.

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