Doctor Faustus- Kit Harrington

So I know this play’s season is finished but I just had to talk about it as it was a fabulous production and you never know it may come back?


This play I went to see is called Doctor Faustus which is an updated version of the original play written by Christopher Marlowe. The play is based on Goethe Fausts (German literary legend) encounters with the devil. This version takes to the modern day perception of dealing with the devil and trading his soul for magic, wealth and power.

I have to say this is an adult play so no children allowed but I think that very late teens would appreciate it and is a good lesson for them through the themes. Obviously everyone I saw was there for Kit Harrington which is to be expected it’s good in a way because it brings more young people to the play which might spark their interest in the subject.

It’s definitely one of those plays that shocks your whole system. The reason why is because the play contains a lot of nudity, blood and violence. However, it was done so well you could bare it and it never felt like it didn’t add to the play. Although it was very gritty and cringe worthy if you can get through it adds a sense of reality to the situation.

The acting in this was phenomenal Kit Harrington was so in sync with his character and you could feel the emotion in every line. Jenna Russell was so devilish as Mephistopheles. Jade Anouka was a gentle and innocent Wagner. Lastly Forbea Masson as Lucifier who you were freaked out just by looking at him.

Overall, a intriguing play that is very relevant to today’s society. I hope this comes back to London as it was a must see play of the year. As I would love to see it again it is like Harold Pinter plays you have to see it a few times to really understand the whole play.

As usual comment below and let me know if you think it should come back to the stage?


The Spoils

Another play I have been to see was Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils which was one of the best comedy plays I have ever seen!



So this play is about two roommates a New York rich kid film school dropout and a Napalese business student who are living in a small apartment. Ben ( Jesse Eisenberg) is an insecure person among other things and is excalating due to a high school crush on a woman who is know dating a school friend of his. Thats enough to make interested to go and see it! 

Personally I loved this play I thought it was a great combination of witt and interesting characters. Not only that, it was so relevant to relationships of young people today. Throughout the play you went I have had that conversation or someone told me they had that conversation with someone. This is what made me connect more with the characters and engage more with the play.

So I looked to see what everyone else was saying it was either they didn’t like that Jesse was the main lead or that it was more about the characters and not enough of a plot. In terms of him being the lead he obviously wrote the character for him and if you read the programme the director: Scott Elliott says, ‘he loves being directed’, clearly not an isssue. In terms of the plot issue at times I did feel it was going nowhere but I think that Ben’s behaviour as a character was the plot and I think that it did drift a bit.

In terms of the cast; Jesse Eisenberg, Alfie Alan, Kunal Nayyar, Katie Brayben and Annapurna Sriram I have no objections. They were amazing and so in sync with their characters. By the way anyone who says its like Big Bang Theory I would suggest seeing it again because you have missed a lot.

Overall, a hilariously complex play about relationships of young people. It certaintly left me questioning the way we look at issues and people. Jesse achieved a play that left people intrigued and questioning society. Its a must see original play.

Unfortunately this season has finished but I’m sure we will see Jesse Eisenberg’s plays return to the UK so keep your eyes open for more!  

As usual let me know what you think love to hear your thoughts.

© 2016 Emily Claire Cannings


Romeo and Juliet Play Review

So this summer has been quite eventful in terms of going to see plays and ballets so I thought I’d give my opinions on them in the hope that you might venture out to see them (if they are still on!).

The first play I went to was Kenneth Branagh’s production of Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theatre, London set in the updated time of 1950s Italy. The usual Romeo and Juliet you see it as one of tragedy and love but this production you could see the great comedy in his writing.

I have read reviews just to gauge what people have been saying I have come to a completely different conclusion about the play I thought it was a triumph. However, most major newspapers thought that it was not up to scratch for their Romeo and Juliet standards and that Richard Madden wasn’t strong enough Romeo but I think that Kenneth Branagh was trying to represent a more modern type of love in terms of the difference from love in 1500s to love in the 1950s. The way love is represented constantly changes and I think the newspapers believe that Romeo and Juliet should stick to representing old love of 1500s instead of modern love of the 1950s which was more sexual and progressive.

There was an incredible mix of great talent from Lily James’ soft and gentle Juliet to Richard Madden ‘s tough love Romeo to Derek Jacobi’s devious Mercutio to finally Meera Syal’s cheeky nurse. They all brought a quality to the play that made it not only a story of love but a journey into the characters with each of the actors.

The set of a rustic 1950s Italy was the perfect backdrop to Romeo and Juliet. It gave the play an aged look combined with the youthfulness of the play that made it that bit more magical. In the programme it talks of the situation in and before post Second World War Italy which is why the play works so well in this era as it is a time of high tension and uncertainty of the future which is what the play uses to connect with the world’s surroundings.

Overall, I believe that this is a fabulous production of Romeo and Juliet with a stellar cast it was a night of laughter and tears. This is a production that will appeal to the younger generation or those that haven’t had much experience of Shakespeare but would like to get into it. The production ends on the 13th of August here is a link to where I bought my tickets at a good price.


As usual, let me know what you think and if you agree with the critics or me?