A Family Thing – Private Practice S2 EP1

Title: Private Practice Season 2 Episode 1 A Family Thing

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2007

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Timing: 1 hour

Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Stars: Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Stricklan

So this was a jaw-dropping reality check fron Shonda! So didn’t expect it!



So I should explain so continuing with my Private Practice review binge now on season 2. It just all happens in this episode everything just crumbles to pieces. I don’t want to go too muc into the plot of this episode but basically the practice is having a fresh start with a video to get more patients in. Will it or will it not be the demise of the practice?


So this episode had two sub-stories and they were beyond tough to hear about. Even my mum in the background thought they were tough. So the first one was about this family who have a sick child and a child on the way. One of the reasons for the child on the way is to use the blood from the cord to save the dying child’s life. This is a situation that has been looked at in ficiton but to see it on TV made you question your own thoughts on the subject more. For me I think it is a grey area that would need a lot of discussion because you would be torn to see the best way to deal with the situation. So the dying child gets worse and needs the transplant immediately but the baby in the womb is only 6 months old. Will they both survive?

The other sub-story is about a teenager who has HIV and doesn’t know but is 13 and has a girlfriend and they want to have sex. However, the parents don’t want to tell him. For me I think the teenager should know no question. But will the parents tell him or will it end in disaster for the teenagers?

The character development was huge and there is a lot I won’t talk about yet because I want you to watch it. Charlotte and Cooper’s issues with their secret relationship, Addison with her Cop VS Pete issue and Naomi with her Dell VS Sam issue. Basically a lot of issues get resolved but there are news ones to do with the practice it just a bit of a mind boggling episode!

Overall, I loved and hated this episode because its so emotional and interesting you feel a bit exhausted after. It worked really well in terms developing the show in a different direction and I can’t wait to keep going with this show!

As usual comment below if you have any thoughts on this episode!



When the Men Fight! :Private Practice Season 1 Ep9

Title: Private Practice Season 1 Episode 9 –In Which Dell Finds His Fight

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2007

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Timing: 1 hour

Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Stars: Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Stricklan

So this is the last episode of the season BOO WHOO! No worries still got five more seasons to watch WOOO!



Why I called this episode when the men fight is because its all about the men in this episode and substories fighting for thier women and life. I think this is such interesting subject because it is never touched on much where men are making the most effort in the relationship its kinda brushed over with lovey dovey part of the story or the women. Its nice to see Shonda bringing back the real manly heroic character.

The sub story that ties this episode together is about Dell’s grandpa Wendell who lives in a nursing home and Dell believes he is being abused. But what is really going on is the fight and if you haven’t already understood what I mean. Go watch the episode!

The other sub story is about the couple we met early in the series with the vaginismous problem. They are now looking to have a baby like instantly but this time Jeffery finds out that he is sterile and his determination to give his wife Catheline a baby.

The characters backstories develop a lot in this episode plus I forgot to drop the bomb of Cooper and Charlotte are doing it but will they DTR (Define The Relationship). I think so I always thought they would work because they are both quirky and competitive people. Then Addison is trying to be friends with Pete and try and ask out the Cop. I am more inclined towards the Cop because we don’t know him. However, will Pete pick up the fight? Last but not least Naomi’s DRAMA OMG I’d be so confused right now if I was her! So basically Sam is fighting for her but also Del is fighting for her. I don’t know I’m on the fence about these two!

Overall, a great end to the season with some things resolved but lots of questions open to make your mind boggled. I think this season is a great start to a TV show as it gives a good flow of sub stories throughout the season. Also intriguing and loveable characters that will really make you connect with the TV series. Absolutely loving it Shonda Rhimes.


Private Practice Season 1 EP8

Title: Private Practice Season 1 Episode 8 –In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2007

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Timing: 1 hour

Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Stars: Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Stricklan

So again this is a bit of a baby episode but a completely diffferent angle!


So you got two main substories the first is the one about the babies and the doctors are on call for safe surrender hotline for girls and women can give up their babies saftely without giving their name to a hospital. I think this is a good idea as not all women are cut out for children but in this case its a safe option where the child might get a chance at a better life.

The second substory is Sam and Naomi’s preist sends them to church were Naomi blurts out her confession as soon as she sees her preist which is hilarious. But they are here for a more serious matter and that is the nuns are sick and have caught an infectious disease. But the question is how did they get it?

In this episode you feel so sorry for Addison she just goes through a whirl wind of emotions. Starts off good meets a guy but out he has a shoe fettish not in a good way and is also being treated by Violet. Then she rescues a baby and has attachment issues then the worst she looses a baby at the hospital just after it was born. By the end you just wanna give her a huge hug.

Overall, a great episode filled with all different emotions and drama but at the end leaves you feeling staisfied but wanting more.

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Drama Amped – Chicago MED Season 1 Ep2

Chicago MED has upped the anti more dramatic cases, more hard subjects brought up and better development of character relationships. I have high hopes for this show!



This episode centred on the story of a 14-year-old girl’s pregnancy delivered in a street but what will happen to the baby? Such a sad issue thats why we should encourage parents and teachers to discuss contraception and how to get it. Its such a heart breaking situation and the show dealt with it and showed different sides to it in a delicate and educated way.


The sub-stories were engaging but not as prominent so there was more of a flow to the episode. The story of dementia was very interesting to see how symptoms can be similar to other diseases. It is distressing to see how people who have dementia can get so lost. That’s why there should be more awareness and help given to those who care for someone with dementia or alzheimers.


There is some great character development in this episode: with Dr Charles and Sarah you see a mentorship developing which could help the growth of the show. Then there is the ever-questioning relationship of Dr Manning and Dr Halstead will something happen in this episode you have to watch to find out.


Overall, an interesting episode with great subjects that question our opinions and stances on life. I am looking forward to the next episode as it is developing into an interesting watch still doesn’t have the depth of Grey’s Anatomy. However, there were lots of little nuggets of information of the back stories of characters that are keeping me watching!


Next ep review on the way. As usual feel free to comment below!


Blunt Talk Season 1 Episode 3

Walter is up to his old tricks again with his shrink!


So this episode Walter’s therapist asks him to ‘behave like Elizabeth Taylor’ in regards to women and also says he has to go to an AA meeting. So off Major and Walter go and instead going to the correct meeting they each go to a different AA like meeting to shake things up a bit. Who knows what trouble they’ll get into?

I thought this episode had some cracking lines in it for example the bit about Elizabeth Taylor. Also a line when they are heading in to the church for the AA meetings. Walter says, ‘Its smart of the churches to hold AA meetings since the old methods failed this is excellent way of getting the sinners in?’ Such a good line.

You get a little bit more background about his colleagues you see Dolly Wells’ character Celia going out with this married magacian. Jim has a fettish for womens shoes (that is the second TV character I have come across with that fettish). Also Rosalie’s husband has alzheimers so sad.

Overall, a really funny, mischevious and enjoyable episode. I’m really loving this series it always puts a smile on my face and I can’t wait for the next one.

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 7: Baby Palooza

This episode is babies all around. You just can’t get enough of them. In this episode every obscure baby situation you can imagine is included!


So in terms of sub-stories you have Sam’s dramatic house call which is not a house call but a robbery situation in which he has to take care of two medical situations. I liked this story cause you saw the macho and badass side of Sam. I thought this was required because he has been portrayed as such a quiet character but I don’t think he is.

The next one was the wife of a cop who has been recently widowed and it was her due date. She suffers from panic attacks so had planned her whole birth but as she saw you can’t really plan everything something is gonna go differently. This was a very heart warming story full of love and lots of other emotions basically a gooey story.

The final sub-story is a woman who has three boys wants a girl and is pregnant, comes in for a check up. Is told she is having the baby NOW! However, it turns out to be a boy and she is disappointed which is understandable if you just want pink cuteness. Its all about how she works through those issues. There are those who can’t have kids must always think of them.

Finally the character development so you have the Pete and Addison issues are they together are they not? They are like two teenagers. But then a hot cop comes into the situation and he is all gooey for Addison. What a dilemma I would not know what to do cop or Pete?

Then there is the huge Violet issue which is her sexual frustration and we all make bad decisions when we are sexually frustrated! So she sets up friends with benefits with Cooper and you can imagine how that went? Lets say not to plan!

Overall, a great episode packed to breaking point I actually had to really concentrate in this episode usually its so easy going. But definitely one that makes you wanna watch more!

As usual, comment below and let me know if you are team Pete or Cop?



Private Practice Season 1 Episode 5

Private Practice episode five was quite a dramatic episode but also filled with the usual laughs.


So this episode mainly centred around Violet and Addison but also the sub-stories were really good as well as very sad. So Sam’s patient goes through a robbery in her home and she wants to forget it happened by using a drug. Such a scary situation I think I would have done the same thing as the woman. Shonda shows how the robbery effects everyone in the family which is a side you usually don’t see.

The next story was the saddest of them all a friend of Naomi’ s daughter who is 13 got pregnant but didn’t tell anyone. The show looks at the situation from the patient confidentiality angle that applies to kids as there are strict laws in California. Such a tough situation but I can see the point of the laws being so strict because of other circumstances at home or other situations.

The last sub-story looks at an issue that is very topical in today’s news which is an athlete who has a cold but has a qualifier coming up. She goes to the doctor and is told she can’t run in the qualifier but her coach gives her some drug. She runs and consequently ruins her career. It’s such a terrifying thought that just one wrong move can end a career in sports.

On the other hand, we finally meet the famous Alan OMG what an asshole. He wants to be friends after he breaks up with her and marries a younger girl. I should mention he doesn’t do it in a nice way. I just don’t like him so stay away from him Violet. Then you have Dell doing his first pap smear I feel so sorry for him such an awkward situation if you get a non understanding person but also funny.

The funniest character side story is Addison’ s shower head massager issue. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about its a feminine self pleasure thing. As Violet says, ‘I got Bill now, Bill is all I need’. I bet we all have that guy or girl in our head who looks suspiciously like a movie star and when we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend they help us scratch the itch. Mine is Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy or Jensen Ackles. I almost forgot Ted King from Charmed!

Overall, a really packed episode filled with drama and laughter. Definitely one of the best of the season. Even if your not a big fan of the show this episode will get you hooked.

As usual, let me know what you think.

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