The Boy Next Door

So this is a film I had heard about and had been on my list for a while. Plus I am always been interested in what Jennifer Lopez’s acting is like. So I decided to rattle my bones with this thriller.




So I have to say my two favourite genres in Film are thriller and horror. They just have this dynamic that draws you in and this film had that dynamic and it was which direction will it go in throughout the film. You know those films that make you think of all the different scenarios it could be this film did that. As it was all about a teacher who has a stalker and how they dynamic between the two of them developed.


So in terms of cast I’d seen all the cast in at least one other movie so I had this expectation of a low budget movie with alright acting. However, I was pleasantly surprised everyone stepped up their game I think because they had a great script to work with by Barbara Curry who hasn’t go much under her belt but would like to see more from her.


I think the subject of the film was very well handled because its a delicate subject which can be percieved in the wrong way. I think the drip feeding of the extent of obsession kept your interest throughout the film because there were just enough unanswered questions about the extent of the stalking. It very much had that message of watch your back and even made me question some of the people I known.


Overall, I think it was an interesting and thought provoking film. If your alone don’t watch it cause it may make you scared but I think some thriller fans will apprciate it as it is not as cliched as you might think. The only issue I have is the ending I felt like it needed more in terms of dialogue, background knowledge also felt the end situation didn’t seem to fit the profile of the stalker. Other than that it was an enjoyable thriller.


Let me know what you think and leave a comment below!

Blunt Talk Season 1 Episode 2

The Shakespearen triumphs again with another hilarious episode of the most impossible situation ever imagined although some of these were rather ordinary!




A showbiz entrance with a showgirl routine which followed on from the last episode of him passing out on air he continues his hilarious monologue with ferness but what will the studio bring to him next?


Well its a weather story a hurricane storm in Texas and the Shakespearen is told to cover it. The airport scene is the most relatable and ridiculously funny scene ever. You just have to watch it to understand.




He misses his flight and has to shoot it infront of a green screen. Which he comes across from his porn making neighbour. The combination of the simple dialogue and the ridiculousness of the situation just makes perfect comedy.


Overall, another great episode from Blunt Talk its great simple comedy with a modern twist. I cannot leave without talking about how great the relationship is between Walter and Harry. They took it to a new level of funny with their bedtime routine.


Keep a look out for the next funny tale in the Blunt Talk show! As usual feel free comment below!

Private Practice Emotional Whirlwind

Here is my opinion on why you should watch Private Practice Season 1 Episode 2. As the title of my post says it’s an emotional whirlwind. From weird personality traits of the main characters to babies switched at birth! That’s correct – baby switching – not only that but some of the best lines I have ever heard on TV.


I tip my hat to Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers, this was perfectly written episode had some of my favourite lines of the series in it. The one I loved was Addison talking about Pete who was talking to Sam’s stripper friend, ‘I’m a doctor! My touch heals!’. In this sarcastic way brilliant line.

The main side story in this episode was developed in an amazing way: it was about these two babies who had been switched at birth. With those kind of subjects on television it can be over dramatised in the acting and then it does not tell the story of the people and how they felt. The way these two mothers interacted at the end showed how devastating and confusing it was for them. It was heart breaking. The legal side is interesting in what happens to the babies because a lot of times in peoples lives they have others who look after them like a father or a mother it’s interesting that the state decides.

The other side story about the mother who was poisoning her son with mushrooms to get him to stop drinking was cute. But reminded me of how much love and care mothers give and how we take it for granted sometimes. So go give your mum a big hug and kiss cause they are special people!

The reason I love Shonda Rhimes’ shows so much is she always makes me think about situations in life and makes me question how I do things. This was a fantastic episode and few developments in character relationships so it did not feel like the side story took over the main story of the characters. Next episode comment coming soon!

Foxes VS Scorpions in Wild Arabia

On my daily watch today I decided to take a look at a BBC documentary called Wild Arabia with first episode titled Sand, Wind and Stars. What a dramatic title! It explores the animals’ lives and habitats also looks into the lives of the Bedouin people. It was an interesting watch, mainly to do with the animals and the beautiful scenery. However, as a whole it was trying too hard to be a David Attenborough documentary.


As a documentary, the part with the Desert Fox and the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion was exciting and intriguing, particularly how the scorpion has a UV sensor to hide from the fox. The camel festival showed the cultural element that is required in all documentaries. It was a strange concept that having two of your camels ride at same speed together showed great skill and knowledge of your camels. I feel so Western saying that but actually we do same with our dogs and cats – it’s just a change of animal. It did spark my interest in the history of the Bedouin people but that’s my inner historian coming out.

Let us see what Episode Two brings; maybe less of a textbook documentary and more of an exploration documentary.