As a person who is dyslexic as I got older in my teenage years I gravitated more towards comics and a little manga because they were easier for me to understand. Although once I started reading them I couldn’t stop because there were so many different characters and universes my brain just went WOW!

I’ll admit I didn’t and still don’t have the incredible knowledge that some people have who have been reading comics or manga for so many years but the ones that shaped my love of comics is a peculiar and particular set of comics. For me it really started with Alan Moore and V for Vendetta when I was a teenager I had watched the film with Natalie Portman which if you haven’t watched it yet definitely do check it out. I went to my Waterstones and bought the comic and well that was it I got sucked into the mind and genius that is Alan Moore who always surprises me with his new projects. Then one day I was in Oxfam and found Death Note this was the first manga I ever picked up and I was hooked on that story and the characters.

Then as I got older I discovered the huge and incredible world of Marvel with Avengers and Spider-Man who I loved at the time because of those Sam Raimi Spider-Man films were so cool when they first came out and they still stand the test of time. However, one day I found Harley Quinn who let me tell you is the ultimate character and I love all her different series and her backstory and love story with The Joker. So that was it I had found my world of awesome superheroes and misunderstood villains.

But in my later teenage years I found Joe Hill’s Locke and Key and that is one imaginative and incredible piece of art which is why I am so scared to watch the TV show. Then one day when I was in Waterstones while I was at University I found Saga by Brian K Vaughan and this series is the most insane and relevant comic. He creates this world that I would never have imagined would be possible and I have reviewed some of the volumes on this blog so do check them out. This comic opened me up to whole range of new and exciting comics from Image Comics which is one of my favourite publishers which bring you Lazarus and Moonshine.

So now that I have told you all those weird and wonderful comics and manga that have influenced me and still do today with every new comic or manga I read they give me a new perspective on life. I am always looking for something new to enjoy. So if you have a comic or manga you think I should read drop me an email at

and I’ll take a look!