My love of film goes way back to my childhood when I used to watch Birdcage and Four Weddings and a Funeral with my uncle and nan in Australia. At least those are the films that I remember first stuck with me. Later I went on to love the Harry Potter films and other series but the series I just could never get out of my head and how cool they were, was the Jurassic Park series. I am huge fan of dinosaurs so when I saw it for the first time my eyes were just getting wider and wider as the film went on as it was just so incredible. I also watched a few Disney films which out of all the ones I watched the two I loved were Tarzan and Mulan. Mulan just had this spirit and courage that I wanted to have as a kid. Lets not forget my many Winnie the Pooh VHS films which I watched many times.

As I got older I moved on to my horror film phase which included a lot of different old films like The Exorcist and others. However, the one I love and still to this day is Halloween it is just the best creepiest 80s horror film ever made and it has Jamie Lee Curtis in it and she is just an inspiration to me. Then I got into The Fast and The Furious series and that I was just hooked on as I loved cars and Letti was such badass I definitely wanted to be like her. As time went on my mother’s taste influenced me a lot with all types of French films she watched but the one I always go back to because of the music is On Connait La Chanson I couldn’t stop listening to that soundtrack. I mustn’t forget that one year when I was a teenager my mother bought me a set of Alfred Hitchcock films and that was it, I couldn’t stop watching them but especially two of them which were Psycho and The Family Plot.

Now as young woman of 25 as I write this my taste in film has become a love of all these genres mixed together as you can see by the films I review. There is nothing I am not interested in, apart from I don’t seem to get on with musicals but a select few I do like which are Cabaret and Chicago. Overall, I am fascinated by film everyday from seeing that one look from a character that you know will change the course of the whole film and how you fall in and out of love with them. So if you have a film you think I should watch drop me an email at

and I’ll take a look!