June Comic TBR


Here are all the comics I will be reading in June I now this is very late I apologise my boyfriend’s pool has been taking up a lot my attention due to the hot weather. However, I am still on track with my comic reading so will be finished my pile by the end of the month. Let me know what comics you are reading this month and if you have read any in my pile in the comments below but no spoilers please. Hope you are enjoying the hot weather! Here are all the goodreads link for all the comics talked about in the video:

Groot Vol 1 by Jeff Loveness & Brian Kesinger

Izombie vol 1: Dead to the World by Chris Roberson & Mike Allred

Suicide Squad Vol 2 Basilisk Rising by Adam Glass & Fernando Dagnino

Saga Vol 5 by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Uninvited Guests by Andi Watson & Dan Brereton

Surgeon X Vol 1 The Path of Most Resistance by Sara Kenney and John Watkiss

Lazarus Vol 3 Conclave by Greg Rucka & Michael Lark

Legendary Star-Lord Rise of the Black Vortex by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina

Moonshine Vol 1 by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso

Providence Act 1 by Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows

Batman The Killing Joke by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland

Orbital Vol 4 Ravages by Sylvian Runberg & Serge Pelle


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Legendary Star Lord Vol 1 Review

Legendary star-lord

from Goodreads

Title: Legendary Star-Lord Vol 1

Author: Sam Humphries

Artist: Paco Medina and Freddie Williams

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Genre: Marvel superhero, comics, SCI-FI



Rating: 5/5 stars


This comic follows Legendary Star-Lord on an adventure through space. It follows his revenge mission for Thanos and how he plans to rid the world of him. But will his revenge work to his advantage?

Here is my spoiler free review:



My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it was fun, witty with a curious story. It was a great starting point to a comic series it built up the story really well with a slight altercation with Thanos but the promise of more. It also had a great use of other characters introductions and storylines to develop the plot. I really enjoyed the fact that the plot had all the components of a great story with romance, rivalry and drama.


I loved the artwork it was not too busy but still had a lot going on on most pages which kept the pace going at a steady pace. The palette of colours used is so pretty and space agey with the blues and purples which made me love it even more. Not only that but I really enjoyed the people and monster designs they were very classic marvel with an updated look.


I really loved the dialogue it was very witty with jokes that were very relatable to real life. The dialogue also gave us a good amount of background to understand the situation a bit as like everything in Marvel its all interconnected so starting new series can be confusing. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue which was an advantage as it kept the superhero pace.

Favourite Characters:

I really loved Star-Lord partly because he was quite like Chris Pratt’s version. Also he had this great mixture of kindness and charm to him. I also really enjoyed Captain Victoria although a small part and would liked to have seen more of her because she is a badass confident woman.

Hated Characters:

I didn’t like Thanos he is an arrogant villain but it was interesting that they made him more humane in the sense of his conscious in a conversation with Legendary Star-Lord. I also didn’t like Kitty the girlfriend of Legendary Star-Lord as she was too whinny and didn’t have enough of a part in this volume to develop her character I assume she will develop later in the volumes.


Awesome comic with witty dialogue and beautiful art and the promise of lots of interesting drama in later volumes.

If you have read this comic or are planning to feel free to leave a comment below I would love to know your thoughts!

Lazarus Vol 1 Review


from Goodreads

Title: Lazarus Vol 1

Author: Greg Rucka

Illustrator: Michael Lark

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre: Action, Thriller, Dystopian, Comics

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18259637-lazarus-vol-1?ac=1&from_search=true

Rating: 4/5 stars


Lazarus is about a women Forever who is a robot in the service of the Carlyle family. The Carlyle family has a rival family in this dystopian world who is the Morray family. There is an attack at the Carlyle base but who is really behind the attack?

Here is my Spoiler free review:



My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it is a high energy action comic with twists and turns that will keep wondering where the mystery lies. The plot was intense and a great pace for an action comic. The concept of a dystopian was interesting that we would revert to family that holds us together I would think it would be violence but I’m a synic. It was a bit of a anticlimatic start but so good by the middle.


It is mostly a dark palette which shows the dystopian side to the story with lots of black outlining that gave a serious tone to the comic. I feel like Lazarus could have been slightly brighter only because I would have liked to have some hope but its dystopian so. I really liked the use of purple in the chapter 3 and 4 it made it look beautiful.


There is not much dialogue in the comic which is good because the storyline centres on violence attached to this world. The dialogue between the family is very typical and relatable with lots of drama which I love.

Favourite Character:

Forever is badass and interesting character because she has empathy like a real person and her connection to the family intrigues me. Also she has this relationship with the other family’s robot which interesting see how different they are and how much humanity influences them as characters. I really like her history and want to know and about her purpose to the family.

Hate Character:

Jonah mainly because he is such an ignorant asshole and such a typical son wants to take over the business but there was a lot of characters are like that but that might change. Another reason I didn’t like him is his conspiracy with his other sister it was creepy and made me hate me more.

If you have read Lazarus or want to read it please feel free to comment below I would love to know your thoughts!


New Schedule for My Blog Every Week

Hey everyone I apologise for my absence lots of things have been getting in the way with get handle on blogging properly. However, a new year has come and my new year’s resolution is to work out a schedule for my blog and vlog. So here is the weekly schedule for my blog slightly delayed as my computer decided to pack up yesterday so had to run to regent street Apple Store and thank you to them for fixing it in a day.


-Watch a long episode of Private Practice

-Book Review


-Film Review

-Comic Book Review

-Gaming of the Week


-Watch a long episode Chicago MED

-Youtube watching of the Week


-Film Review

-Blog Reading of the Week


-Watch a long Blunt Talk

-Podcast listening of the week

Let me know what you think of the schedule and anything you think I should add in!

Amino and YA Bookclub

I have recently picked up a new social media app called Amino and I am loving it. Amino is an app that makes communities out of things like books, TV shows, genres and many more. You can blog on it, create conversations, share news or articles via links, create mini profiles for your favourite things, get opinions from the community using polls and have Q&A with the community.


The Amino apps that I am connected to are Horror, Books, Movies & TV, Charmed, Poirot, Fantasy Books, BookTube, YA Literature, LOTR, Harry Potter, YA Books, Tubers, Comics, Video Games, Food and Book Bloggers Unite. I know its a lot but they are all things I am interested in and these communities allow you to target the particualr audience I want and link it up to my blog.

A great thing I got out of my book community amino app is that I am now part of chat called Young Adult Novels and are doing a bookclub each month. This month we are reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and we have a reading schedule and a discussion each week on the chat. Then a book giveaway at the end of the schedule. It is great way to do a bookclub the cheaper way.

Overall, Amino is great for people who are interested in starting a blog and for bloggers who are trying to expand their own community. It also gives bloggers a better analysis who likes which post and how likes you get for all posts.



Orbital Volume 1 Scars

For those who wish to have a spoiler free review here it is:


I heard about this comic through the London Book Fair 2016 when I went to a conference about science fiction in comics on the last day of the Fair and said hello to the author, Sylvain Runberg. They showed the audience a copy of one of the volumes of Orbital. As soon as I saw it, I had to check it out!


This comic is a series called Orbital and the first volume is called Scars. It is set way way in to the future where the planets are tied together by an organisation called the Confederation sort of like our UN and it’s similar in the essence that it doesn’t work as well as it should. There is a task force called IDO which do diplomatic missions and this is the two main characters Swany and Izzua the “dynamic duo’s” first mission. Can they restore diplomacy?

In terms of the comics I have read (which are not that many) I felt this had a lot more writing and dialogue than usual. This was a good thing as there is so much to explain in this “world” as all details matter to the understanding of the story.

Overall, it was a good mixture of both and just enough background information so you don’t feel confused but enough that make you keep reading.

The artwork in this comic is phenomenal and breathtaking which is done by Serge Pellé. I really felt like I was looking at the old Star Wars movies in some of the artwork. The reason is the artwork had that beautiful slight pastel look to it. The scenes where it had large landscapes drawn were beautifully done for such a small space allowed.

Overall, the story really drew me in with the many political ties and also the way Slyvain Runberg and Serge Pellé set up both the main characters as lost souls starting their journey to their own truths. When I was at the conference the author talked about how a lot of current political issues get incorporated into his comics which you can definitely see in Orbital. On the whole it is a fantastic comic and I can’t wait to read the rest of the volumes. A truly original comic I think that all comic lovers should read this especially anyone who loves Star Wars!

As usual, comment below to let me know what you think.

© 2016 Emily Claire Cannings

ROK OF the Reds Issue 1

The comic is called ROK of the Reds by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell. This is something I received from BHP comics at the London Book Fair in April this year. It is a publisher I had never heard of but was intrigued by the artwork they had displayed.


I have been hesitating reading this as it is centred on football which I don’t tend to read as it just becomes more about the bad hooligan side of football which I am not interested in. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it as it includes aliens which I am always interested in. I feel that aliens haven’t been touched on much in comics in the traditional sense or maybe I’m wrong?

The idea of this comic is that a footballer who has moved around a lot from club to club and in my opinion acts like a spoilt brat footballer and has hit a crossroads in his career. The aliens come in as a race that has been destroyed and only a few have escaped from their planet. The real question is how the two meet and their stories cross paths?

You’ll have to read it to find out!

The artwork in this comic has a traditional look to it which fits the story really well, with the bright colours and the black outline. The style of the artwork set well with the aliens and has brought a good combination of their scary and human side by the shades of colours used.

The dialogue is very minimal in this comic which worked to its advantage as it made the artwork pop. It may be that because they are just setting the scene, they didn’t want too much to leave the readers bored or not enough to make you interested at the end. It’s fine balance between action and dialogue which they have done really well here. 

Overall, I was a bit sceptical about the concept but in the end I was thoroughly convinced and I really want to read the next issue. This comic would suit the age group 7-9 of boys and girls and anyone who is interested in football and aliens. A quick and easy read that intrigued me with the concept and artwork.

As usual, feel free to comment below.