Legendary Star Lord Vol 1 Review

Legendary star-lord

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Title: Legendary Star-Lord Vol 1

Author: Sam Humphries

Artist: Paco Medina and Freddie Williams

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Genre: Marvel superhero, comics, SCI-FI



Rating: 5/5 stars


This comic follows Legendary Star-Lord on an adventure through space. It follows his revenge mission for Thanos and how he plans to rid the world of him. But will his revenge work to his advantage?

Here is my spoiler free review:



My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it was fun, witty with a curious story. It was a great starting point to a comic series it built up the story really well with a slight altercation with Thanos but the promise of more. It also had a great use of other characters introductions and storylines to develop the plot. I really enjoyed the fact that the plot had all the components of a great story with romance, rivalry and drama.


I loved the artwork it was not too busy but still had a lot going on on most pages which kept the pace going at a steady pace. The palette of colours used is so pretty and space agey with the blues and purples which made me love it even more. Not only that but I really enjoyed the people and monster designs they were very classic marvel with an updated look.


I really loved the dialogue it was very witty with jokes that were very relatable to real life. The dialogue also gave us a good amount of background to understand the situation a bit as like everything in Marvel its all interconnected so starting new series can be confusing. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue which was an advantage as it kept the superhero pace.

Favourite Characters:

I really loved Star-Lord partly because he was quite like Chris Pratt’s version. Also he had this great mixture of kindness and charm to him. I also really enjoyed Captain Victoria although a small part and would liked to have seen more of her because she is a badass confident woman.

Hated Characters:

I didn’t like Thanos he is an arrogant villain but it was interesting that they made him more humane in the sense of his conscious in a conversation with Legendary Star-Lord. I also didn’t like Kitty the girlfriend of Legendary Star-Lord as she was too whinny and didn’t have enough of a part in this volume to develop her character I assume she will develop later in the volumes.


Awesome comic with witty dialogue and beautiful art and the promise of lots of interesting drama in later volumes.

If you have read this comic or are planning to feel free to leave a comment below I would love to know your thoughts!

Films – The True American Spirit Through WW2

Captain America is the all American spirit rolled into one big hulky man.


Captain America: The First Avenger is a film about one little man’s dream of being in the army in the early 1940s in America to fight against the Nazis. He tries many times to get in but with a different name each time and on the last try he is spotted by a man from the secret Project Rebirth. This man, Dr. Erksine, fulfils his dreams by recruiting him for the Project. But what will the doctor do with him next?

I went to see it in 3D which is becoming a regular bonus feature of nearly every film that comes out; I must say some are doing good job of it but some are not. I personally think that the 3D effect was not used enough and not to its full potiental. For instance, there were a lot of explosions in the film and they didn’t take the 3D opportunity of having bits of rubble flying out of the screen at the audience, which would have made it much more effective. There were loads of other opportunities to use the 3D but they didn’t, which was disappointing.

However, I loved the plot because it was simple yet effectively gripping. They did this by not having a very over dramatic love story but it was a subtle one that they only gave you hints of throughout the film and it was not until right at the end when they had their first kiss…

My favourite character was Peggy Carter because she was a hard and tough women that was not afraid to take a punch but also had a soft and gentle side. I think what made me like her so much is because she is the type of woman that all women want to be. I liked the concept that Steve was weak because it gives the film a moral, which is that no matter what size you are, you can always fight for what you believe in.

The film has the great combination of war and superheroes, how they mix together well to fight off evil, but also how superheroes can be used to increase evil and how the supernatural can create supoerheroes. There are a lot of elements of science fiction in the film, for example the enemy and its innovative weapons, which makes it a film for not just comic fans but also sci-fi fans. Captain America was originally a comic book hero who appeared in the 1940s. 

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