Legendary Star Lord Vol 1 Review

Legendary star-lord

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Title: Legendary Star-Lord Vol 1

Author: Sam Humphries

Artist: Paco Medina and Freddie Williams

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Genre: Marvel superhero, comics, SCI-FI



Rating: 5/5 stars


This comic follows Legendary Star-Lord on an adventure through space. It follows his revenge mission for Thanos and how he plans to rid the world of him. But will his revenge work to his advantage?

Here is my spoiler free review:



My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it was fun, witty with a curious story. It was a great starting point to a comic series it built up the story really well with a slight altercation with Thanos but the promise of more. It also had a great use of other characters introductions and storylines to develop the plot. I really enjoyed the fact that the plot had all the components of a great story with romance, rivalry and drama.


I loved the artwork it was not too busy but still had a lot going on on most pages which kept the pace going at a steady pace. The palette of colours used is so pretty and space agey with the blues and purples which made me love it even more. Not only that but I really enjoyed the people and monster designs they were very classic marvel with an updated look.


I really loved the dialogue it was very witty with jokes that were very relatable to real life. The dialogue also gave us a good amount of background to understand the situation a bit as like everything in Marvel its all interconnected so starting new series can be confusing. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue which was an advantage as it kept the superhero pace.

Favourite Characters:

I really loved Star-Lord partly because he was quite like Chris Pratt’s version. Also he had this great mixture of kindness and charm to him. I also really enjoyed Captain Victoria although a small part and would liked to have seen more of her because she is a badass confident woman.

Hated Characters:

I didn’t like Thanos he is an arrogant villain but it was interesting that they made him more humane in the sense of his conscious in a conversation with Legendary Star-Lord. I also didn’t like Kitty the girlfriend of Legendary Star-Lord as she was too whinny and didn’t have enough of a part in this volume to develop her character I assume she will develop later in the volumes.


Awesome comic with witty dialogue and beautiful art and the promise of lots of interesting drama in later volumes.

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Electrigirl by Joe Cotterill and Cathy Brett Review




Title: Electrigirl

Author and Illustrator: Jo Cotterill and Cathy Brett

Rating: 4/5 stars

Page Count: 208 pages

Genre: Superheroes, Children’s, Comic

Where from: ARC from Oxford University Press Children’s Books

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29360398-electrigirl


It’s all about this girl called Holly who lives in Bluehaven and this new phone company sets up their headquarters there. They give out free phones to everyone but Holly is suspicious. One afternoon she has a fight with her best friend and she goes for a walk on the hillside near the headquarters and gets electricuted! Will she survive or will something mysterious happen?

Favourite Quote:

“You know you see bits of training where initially they’re rubbish and then they get good kind of quickly usually with a catchy pop song. This is a book so I can’t do the pop song bit. But maybe you could listen to one while you read the next bit and then you’ll get the right kind of effect.”

This was my favourite because it is for me as an adult (hate that word) it summed up that nostalgia about the superheroes I watched as a teenager. Made me laugh so much.

Style of Writing:

I loved the style of writing it was written for children but also had this hidden humour for adults. Its written from Holly’s perspective which I really liked because she had the voice of someone who had grow up early which I can really relate to. Also the use of the comic strip enhanced her voice and made her more relatable character.


In terms of characters I loved the whole brother and sister duo of Holly and Joe it gives the story that innocence but also that family element. I love that element because I have a big family so again can relate. I really liked the character of Professor Macavity mainly because she was a very modern villain in terms of a woman rising to the top and loved her mysteriousness. Holly’s mum I found irritating but who knows she may warm to me in the second book.

My Thoughts:

Overall I just couldn’t put this ball of fun book/ comic down. For me its a book that I would put it in the category of pure imagination because it sends you into a reality you could only wish for.

The comic book element  to this novel is fantastic it brings the story to life but also works well for those dramatic moments in the book. Although I would have liked a bit more comic strip but thats cause I love comics.

All in all a fabulously fun read for kids especially those who have dyslexia like me with the incorporation of comic strip. Also good for young adults as it brings out that childhood dream of becoming a superhero.

The second book in the series is out called Deadly Swarm review coming soon and here is the goodreads link to the second book:


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