Lazarus Vol 1 Review


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Title: Lazarus Vol 1

Author: Greg Rucka

Illustrator: Michael Lark

Publisher: Image Comics

Genre: Action, Thriller, Dystopian, Comics


Rating: 4/5 stars


Lazarus is about a women Forever who is a robot in the service of the Carlyle family. The Carlyle family has a rival family in this dystopian world who is the Morray family. There is an attack at the Carlyle base but who is really behind the attack?

Here is my Spoiler free review:


My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it is a high energy action comic with twists and turns that will keep wondering where the mystery lies. The plot was intense and a great pace for an action comic. The concept of a dystopian was interesting that we would revert to family that holds us together I would think it would be violence but I’m a synic. It was a bit of a anticlimatic start but so good by the middle.


It is mostly a dark palette which shows the dystopian side to the story with lots of black outlining that gave a serious tone to the comic. I feel like Lazarus could have been slightly brighter only because I would have liked to have some hope but its dystopian so. I really liked the use of purple in the chapter 3 and 4 it made it look beautiful.


There is not much dialogue in the comic which is good because the storyline centres on violence attached to this world. The dialogue between the family is very typical and relatable with lots of drama which I love.

Favourite Character:

Forever is badass and interesting character because she has empathy like a real person and her connection to the family intrigues me. Also she has this relationship with the other family’s robot which interesting see how different they are and how much humanity influences them as characters. I really like her history and want to know and about her purpose to the family.

Hate Character:

Jonah mainly because he is such an ignorant asshole and such a typical son wants to take over the business but there was a lot of characters are like that but that might change. Another reason I didn’t like him is his conspiracy with his other sister it was creepy and made me hate me more.

If you have read Lazarus or want to read it please feel free to comment below I would love to know your thoughts!


See How They Lie by Sue Wallman – Review


from Goodreads

Title: See How They Lie

Author: Sue Wallman

Rating: 5/5 stars

Page Count: 320 pages

Genre: YA, Thriller



It is about a girl called Mae Ballard who lives in Hummingbird Creek which her father set up. Hummingbird Creek is a wellness resort for teenagers. As Mae is getting older she is starting to question her life and Hummingbird Creek things start to spiral out of control. So will she lead a normal life?

If you are looking for a spoiler-free review her is one I did on my YouTube channel:

Spoiler Free Review


Favourite Quote:

My favourite quote from this book is right at the end of the book where they are rallying against Hummingbird Creek on page 305:

‘Will’s words come back to me. Maybe you don’t understand how tightly some of us bond here.

I loved this quote cause is inspirational and I am sucker for inspirational quotes plus its such an emotional part in the book.

Style of Writing:

I loved her style of writing it was simple but very effective when it came to the suspenseful parts especially at the end of the book the climax had you on the edge of your seat. The thriller aspect of the book is still very much there which sometimes you tend to loose it when its in the YA genre. I really like the way it was written as if Mae is writing the story but she is detached from the story until the end, it gave the book a mysterious quality to it.


The theme of mental health within children and to an extent adults was done with respect and in an educating way. In terms of violence within YA Thrillers I think is the most challenging thing to do and done perfectly here, just the right amount of violence. The themes of friendship were interesting as everyone had a completely different relationship to Mae. My favourite was between Noah and Mae also Thet and Mae because they were liberating friendships for Mae.


Mae was my favourite character as she was a character that constantly questioned her life and society not only that but she had this spirit that I just loved about her such a great character. In terms od boys I didn’t like Drew he just so annoyed me the way he acted I found him quite selfish. But Noah I loved him; he was so kind and understanding you just felt like saying ‘you go Noah!’ Thet was interesting loveable character who reminded me of one of my friends. Mrs Hays was so sweet and reminded me of my drama teacher, which is another thing I loved about the book that all the characters were really relatable. The characters I didn’t like were obviously Hunter who I just wanted to scream at for being so not understanding towards people (he made my blood boil). The mother Louelle I didn’t like but could understand her situation but overall she was such a frustrating character to read I just wanted to say wake up!!

My Thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoyed this book fantastic thrilling plot that kept me on the edge of my seat right to the end. A great mix of characters that fill you with emotions. Half way through I thought I’d really like a sequel because I loved the characters so much. However, the ending was so satisfying that I decided against the sequel thought which is rare. A thrilling YA that will take through a curious journey.

The Night Book- Manslaughter or Murder? 

So this is my first Richard Madeley novel and I loved it. To be honest, 300 pages into reading and I actually had no idea that I was reading a Richard Madeley novel – as in Richard Madeley from the Richard & Judy Book Club until my mum pointed it out. I have to say I am big fan of the couple as they are strong advocates for getting people to read through their book club.

I have never read any of Richard Madeley’s books and after reading this one, I am going to hunt down the rest. I steamrolled through this book. It’s a gripping thriller about a woman who is trapped in a horrible marriage but what will be her way out? It is the hottest summer in the Lake District in 1976 and the heat is on in all senses: strange things seem to be occurring – a numerous amount of drownings but how do the two tie in? You’ll have to read it to find out! 

Apparently this is not his first thriller (The Way You Look Tonight) that Richard Madeley has written, although he writes as if he is James Patterson – someone who has been writing thrillers for years. Richard Madeley has this great fluidity in his style that keeps you gripped to your seat throughout the novel.

In terms of characters ,they came across as very relatable and people that we all have in our lives. I really like his main character Meriel: she is a headstrong, passionate career woman. The mix between her character and her situation will make everyone read her and say there is a bit of me in her or you know someone like her. What I like most about her character is that she is never stagnant; she is developing throughout the novel. And I love the way he developed her as a character, so you saw every angle of her personality which made her seem real and relatable. 

The two lead male characters in this book are such a great contrast in character and in the depth of the characters. Seb, the softie (as I like to call him): you really feel sorry for him throughout the book; he is such young naive chap (speaking as a 21 year old). But you do feel very attached to him as a character because he has that youth that is very relatable. Cameron, on the other hand, you consistently hate, even after he has died, you still think how can someone be that evil. He is like that uber-controlling boss that you just want to tell to F off (Foxtrot Oscar)! 

I have to touch on the big factor in this story that has really captivated me which is whether Meriel should be given the charge of manslaughter or murder. Madeley addresses the issue in many ways from the legal side of the coroner to Meriel’s thoughts to describe the act she committed. It’s a tough one but I have come to a decision myself that it was manslaughter, because of the impulse of the act and background of her relationship with her husband.

Another aspect that I really liked about the book was that you got every characters perspective and thoughts. It gave more of a depth to the book. Also you got every side to the story which allowed you to asses the situation of Meriel and her husband in a balanced way. You almost feel like a detective while reading this book. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is definitely a summer page-turner. It was very intriguing and offer a fresh angle on the thriller genre. Although I do have one minor moan. I couldn’t stand the ending. I found it too cliched – the usual drive into the sunset nonsense. I think the reason it disappointed me was because I had spent the rest of the book on the edge of my seat, so it felt anti-climactic. Apart from that, it was a fantastic read and very relatable to the audience. Anyone who loves a good thriller or intriguing characters should read this.

As usual, please comment below. I would especially love to hear your opinions on the murder vs manslaughter charge!

Man On The Ledge-spontaneous or planned?

Will he really jump or is this a set up?


This gripping story of a man who lost everything and planned to get it all back! Nick Cassidy is a prisoner who’s dad suddenly died. He was allowed to go to the funeral then at the end he attacked the cop and stole his brother’s car escaped narrowly because he was hit by a train. Then he becomes the man on the ledge by going to a storage unit and changing and then to a Manhattan hotel and out onto ledge he goes will he jump or will he come back inside?

There were loads of different camera angels which gives a sense of the whole atmosphere. There was one camera angel i really thought was effective which was the one underneath his feet which made the times when nearly jumped more exciting and tense!

The pace of the film was fast and energetic which in a way kept you interested and excited about what comes next but because the plot was very complex it sometimes made it hard to follow.

The plot was very complex and intruiging mainly because it had so many sub-plots which all interweave together to make the main-plot. The most interesting sub-plot was the relationship between ex-cop and the cop the way they immediately connected also the lengths she goes to understand and bring these people back into their own lives. I think Elizabeth Banks character was really well developed which made her so fascinating to watch.

I think Sam Worthington’s (Nick Cassidy) character was a little underdeveloped and the way they tied up his past and the huge coverup was very fast and hard to follow. Personally I would have put in a few flashback scenes to make it easier to connect the dots of what happened.

The character’s of Jamie Bell and Mandy Gonalez were just because you understood their characters and the relationship was edgy and humorous. The story between them was funny dramatic.

There is a part of the story that really interested me it was the part of the story that there was such a hype because there was a jumper there. I guess its just like going to a football match and its in the last five minutes of the game and its a tie. I think people don’t realise the seriousness of the  issue and how it effects other people lives.

This movie deal with a man who is a manopoly man and is corrupting the police because he has all the money in the world he was played Ed Harris (David Englander) who played him perfectly rude and an asehole. I agree with Sam Worhtington’s character that manopoly man should pay the price.

The chair scene when they take over David Englander’s office is a classic scene that we see in many movies but I never get tired of its comicness and its feeling of saying “ha ha” to the bad guy who just got played.

Overall I love the film because its dynamic and dramatic. Its a must see for those who love a good thriller!

The information about this film is the release date was 27 January 2012 and the genre is action, crime and thriller. The running time 1 hour 42 minutes and is rated PG. The director is Asger Leth, the writer is Pablo F. Fenjves. The main actors are Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Mandy Gonzalez. The US box office made fifth in the top ten and started with $8,300,000 in the cinemas and over all over $42 million.