Book Events July to September


Hey everyone let me know in the comments if you are going to any of the events I have talked about. If I have missed any events out that I should have put in let me know in the comments. Here are all the links to all the events I have talked about:

An Evening with Cornelia Funke

An Evening with Karin Slaughter and Mark Billingham

New Voices in Fantasy Fiction Panel

Crime Author Panel

An Evening with Dennis Lehane

A Killer Evening of Crime

An Evening of Killer Women

An Evening with Kathy Reichs

An Evening with Claire Tomalin

Box Office: 020 8463 0100

Secrets Evening

YA Writers Workshop

An Evening V.E. Schwab and Samantha Shannon

YA Summer Cringe Fest

Creature Writing Workshop

World Building Workshop

An Evening of Magic, Morality and Mythology

An Evening with Victoria Aveyeard

An Evening with Anthony Horowitz

An Evening with Frances Hardinge

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Book Events May To June

I apologise about getting the Diana Galbadon event to you too late but it was last minute. Here are all the links for the events:

Cory Doctorow in Conversation with Laurie Penny:

Politics or Play: Citizenship in Children’s Fiction:

Bookpop Event! (Superwoman book not Supervillain SORRY!):

Maria Turtschaninoff and Laura Dockrill in Conversation:

John Barrowman Signing:
An Evening with Alan Lee:

An Evening with Adam Silvera:

Truth or Dare YA Event:

Middle Grade Magic:

Wine and Dine an Evening of Thriller Debuts:

Let me know if you going to any of these events and if you are please come say hello!
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The Haters by Jesse Andrews Review

This is the greatest combination of a musical adventure and the funniest soul-searching/coming of age story of the year!

the haters


First, I would like to say a big thank you to Atlantic Books for sending me Jesse Andrews’ latest book – I really loved it! The Haters is about two boys who are best friends, Wes and Corey; they are sent to Jazz Camp for the summer. When they get there, they meet a girl called Ash who is a dark, moody and mysterious girl – so naturally they both have instantaneous crushes on her. She suggests to the boys that they ditch Jazz Camp, form a band and go on tour round America – with no phones!?! So off they trot and the rest you’ll have find out once you read it.

I have not read Jesse Andrews’ first novel  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl so I came into this novel without preconceptions, which I think is better. As I was doing my review research and I was looking on Goodreads where a lot of people were disappointed with The Haters because they were expecting something similar to his first novel. As a book lover and reviewer, I can tell you with absolute certainty that that is the worst thing to expect because unless it’s a series, do not expect the same. I think those writers that do write the same sort of plot, characters and style are boring and they soon drop off the radar. I want writers to go out of their comfort zones and try new styles and this is exactly what Jesse Andrews has been done in The Haters.

Another issue that I picked up on was that people didn’t like the sexual exploration part of the novel, especially the dick harming jokes which were hilarious. Maybe we need to have more teenage boys read this novel. For them, it is normal to talk about those silly things. I just wanted to bring up this so-called issue because it is done so often on TV, so why can’t books present those aspects of life as well? For me, talking about sexual exploration made the characters felt like real teenagers.

Forget those people – I just had to “hate” on them a bit (get it: the title). Each of these characters in The Haters touched me deep inside, as they reminded me of my teenage years. In the way they spoke and acted. I think Jesse Andrews has beautifully captured what it is truly like to be an awkward teenager. You really feel a special relationship with Wes and his anxieties which reminds us of the many anxieties we had as a teenager. Ash is complicated but also hilarious – you’ll either hate her or love her by the end of the novel. Corey is like one of those mates you love, who is always there for you, but makes the stupidest decisions ever. But no matter what, you still love them – they are such a loveable character.

I thought the plot was hands down hilarious and thrilling. Jesse Andrews always kept you guessing about what is going to happen next. I loved the fact that Wes was the narrator, as you could really see in his exploration of life, his progress from good little boy to adult; and I loved the matching continuous change in the style of dialogue from Wes.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a great laugh. It may not suit everyone but I think it will resonate a lot with Londoners and anyone who has comes from a musical family like me because it talks about lots of different bands and groups; it’s quite a cultural read. Definitely one for the books!

As usual comment below and let me know your thoughts! Also this book is released today in the UK and Waterstones is selling it for £2 cheaper online so here is the link:

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