TV Shows

TV Shows are like books in the way that if it sustains your interest for more than one season/ book that’s it you have a fandom for life I think that is what my library of TV shows are a library of fandoms. My introduction to TV was as many of us in their mid-twenties can imagine was Teletubbies and Tweenies and yes I had a Tweenies umbrella. I also was influenced by the TV shows I watched at summer in Australia which there was one that will forever stay in my heart and I have VHS of it and that’s Here’s Humphrey! which if you haven’t seen please do google him he had the greatest opening song. Then as I grew a bit older I found the amazing series The Worst Witch the original which was with Felicity Jones would you believe that is when I knew I loved TV. Then came my introduction to the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network which my English grandparents had on their Sky subscription, I found Kim Possible and Power Puff Girls and that was it I was hooked.

As I went into my teenage years I was watching E4 over here and in my summers watching Rage and McLeod’s Daughters which you can find on Amazon. I think for me McLeod’s Daughters had such strong and independent beautiful female characters I just knew that I wanted to be like that but maybe not the owning of a farm bit. While E4 introduced me to the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Charmed those two shows just completely changed my life, I adore them I even still have a Charmed t-shirt that I found in Australia one year but it doesn’t fit me anymore so sad. I mustn’t forget the huge influence of of murder mystery shows that my English grandparents got me into from the age of about 7 years old which were Midsomer Murders and many more but the one that stuck was Poirot which led to my obsession with all things Agatha Christie who is such an inspiration to me.

Later I came across the world of Shondaland which is the company owned by Shonda Rhimes who is a constant inspiration and a women I learn so much from. I discovered Grey’s Anatomy which is a TV show I adore on a next level, it is emotional, fascinating and there is so much drama I love it. It led to my phase which has never stopped of cop, law, and medical shows which are one my favourite genres. I cannot not mention the incredible Supernatural which I found at Blockbuster all those years ago as a teenager and have never looked back it is an amazing show please check it out.

Now as a women in my mid-twenties I write this piece thinking my tastes have evolved and to an extent they have but on the other hand they have not and that is what I love about TV industry it is such a huge range of genres from American Horror Story which every time I hear there is a new season I squeal to the now greater expansion of Star Wars into TV with The Mandalorian. If you have a TV show you think I should watch drop me an email at

and I’ll take a look!