Jack Sparrow The Coming Storm

Title:  Jack Sparrow The Coming Storm

Author:  Rob Kidd, Jean-Paul Orpinas (Illustrator)

Rating:  5/5

Page Count: 135 pages

Genre: Children’s, Fantasy, Adventure

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5886.The_Coming_Storm?ac=1&from_search=true

So I am the biggest fan of Pirates of the Caribbean films and pirate history its part of the reason I did a history degree. However, one day when I was working in my local Oxfam in Muswell Hill I came across this book of young Jack Sparrow and I just had to read them all!


So the story of young Jack Sparrow starts of in a tavern with a fight how typical! He meets a barmaid Arabella and he tells her of his plans to find the Sword of Cortes so they set a time to meet to gather supplies to set sail. As they get to the boat they meet Fitz who has a title is from the upper class (which is the best way to describe him). So the three of them set sail to the Isla Esqueletica to find the Sword of Cortes but who knows what adventures they may run into on the way?

Style of Writing:

Anything to do with the Pirates of the Caribbean I pretty much love and this story was a fantastic short read. Not only cause it was about pirates but it had all these tie ins to the film for example mentioning David Jones and the Aztec gold which made you feel like when you were a kid watching those films and was so engrossed in the world.


The characters were individual and funny in this book. I think adults or young people could enjoy it too because its like the Narnia books you can really relate to the characters because of your kid side of you that never dies. I really liked Jack he is very much true to Johnny Depp’s version in the film which I love. Arabella was so fiesty and fun character to read. Fitz was a sweet character and you kind of felt sorry for him a bit cause he got pushed around a bit.


The plot was so enthralling I think adult books need to learn a bit from kids books which always keep the reader moving and guessing what comes next. While as you get older and the older books you read the longer it takes the book’s plot to develop (sometimes which is why read mostly YA and children’s). Going off track there, the plot of going to find treasure works so well because it grips children’s curiousity because it is the most exciting thing on the planet. So definitely kids will love this plot. 

My Thoughts:

Overall, I thought it was a wonderful little read and really brought me back to my love of pirates (in the history and disney sense not real life). This book is great for anyone who loves Pirates of the Caribbean or pirates. I think it would really work for kids who are just starting to read chapter books. A fantastic adventure well done to author Rob Kidd and he clearly did his homework on sailing. Don’t worry people he did not stop here I will be reviewing the next one very soon.


As usual let me know what you think of the book below or of any other pirate themed fiction!


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