June Wrap Up

So this month I have been reading and watching a lot more. Although the comic side I haven’t done very well this month. I think mainly because when I read comics I usually try read them in one sitting as then I really get into the story. Films this month were so good. 




Toffee by Sarah Crossan


Opinion: I loved this heartbreaking story about friendship and love. I think it could have a bit shorter. It brought me to tears so many times and is a beautiful book. 

Stars: 4


nicholas st north

Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King by William Joyce and Laura Geringer Bass


Opinion: I adored this book it was such a magical and tense adventure that had I been a child when I read it I would have had a special place in my heart. 

Stars: 5



I didn’t read any comics as I haven’t had the time which is so sad. 



stranger things

Stranger Things


Opinion: I adore this TV show and doing a rewatch was so much fun but also so tense. If you haven’t tried this show definitely do I love it. 





Opinion: This show has one of the best crime fighting duos ever on TV. I just love watching this show as the cases are always fascinating too. 

greys anatomy

Greys Anatomy


Opinion: This show is just a staple in my life and I just love the characters it is the reason I watch it. 



childs play

Child’s Play


Opinion: This was such a good remake as it updated the film to make it relevant to the modern day and Mark Hamill voice is just so creepy. 

Stars: 5


toy story 4

Toy Story 4


Opinion: I think this was the perfect ending to the series as it started something but also gave hope to everyone in the cast in their own ways. Plus it was a great adventure. 

Stars: 5





Opinion: It was good movie but for me it was too much of musical for me. It made me laugh and sad plus Taron’s performance was incredible. 

Stars: 3





Opinion: I loved this movie it was so creepy and scary. I haven’t watched a horror film like this in a while it so awesome when you watch a great horror movie. 

Stars: 5


dark phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix


Opinion: This was a nice wrap up to the X-Men I think it could have been better but overall it tied everything up beautifully. I would have like to see more of Jane’s past and training at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. 



As always keep geeking!



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