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So this month I am starting a few new series and going back to an old one that I have never finished but really enjoyed. For me I love comics but I still haven’t found a way to balance my comic and book reading at the same time I either go one way or the other. Do any of you find that difficult? This start of the month I have been managing to balance it somehow that goes for a lot of things in life which weird and exciting because it means I am doing what I want to do! Wooooo! Here is the list:


Legendary Star Lord Volume 2: Rise of the Black Vortex by Sam Humphries, Paco Medina (Illustrations) – Marvel

Opinion: I really enjoy reading this version of the character as it is very close to the film plus the artwork is incredible.


Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth by Rick Remender (Writer), Wes Craig (Illustrator), Lee Loughridge (Colorist), David Lapham (Introduction) – Image Comics

Opinion: I want to read it before I watch the TV show which is coming out when SYFY decide to put it on in the UK.


The Umbrella Academy Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way (Writer), Gabriel Bá (Artist), Dave Stewart (Colourist) – Dark Horse Comics

Opinion: Again I am re-reading this comic before I watch the Netflix show which is out!


Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1 by Tom Taylor (Goodreads Author) (Writer), Jheremy Raapack (Artist), Mike S. Miller (Artist), Tom Derenick (Artist),David Yardin (Artist) – DC Comics

Opinion: I have had this comic a while and really felt like reading it this month especially after Avengers as I have heard it is similar in a way.


Let me know what comics you are reading in the comments below. As always keep geeking!

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