Angel Catbird Volume 1 Review

Genre = Comic, Fiction, Fantasy, SCI-FI, Animals

Author = Margaret Atwood, Tamra Bonvillain, Johnnie Christmas

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So if you are intrigued by cats and love them with all your heart then this story is for you. This follows Strig who is a genetic engineer who one long night at work something goes incredibly wrong and he turns into a mixture of a cat and an owl. Will he stay as this mutation or will it lead to a bigger secret that will put him in more danger than he could ever imagine. Plus is there anymore with a similar mutation lurking around the corner?

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Now I am undecided whether I am a fan of Margaret Atwood the best way to describe her is an acquired taste some times she blows my mind with a story that I loose myself in and other times she bores me stiff and confuses me at the same time. So when I heard about this new venture of hers I thought this could be something I will absolutely love because anything quirky is usually up my street. However, I am confused and not sure if I like this story but it certainly intrigues me. I mean the artwork alone is enough to keep my reading.

The plot of this story is quite simple with an out of this world twist to do with the character which works very well in pulling you into this story. However, it doesn’t feel as solid as I would like it to be in what the story is exploring apart form the genetics and lots of cat facts which were nice little tid bits but I would have preferred if there were less facts and more story. I liked the idea of the story and the rivalry between the species of cat and rat bringing out that argument of good and evil.

I preferred the story as it went along with the main conflict and started to ramp up the pacing as that is where the characters really came out of their skin sometimes quite literally. The design of the creatures were majestic and they have such a dominating presence that could have been used more. I just wanted to see more of what the creatures could do rather than transform and fly.

All in all this story has a great foundation for a interesting look at genetic mutations and humanity but it seems to be just missing something that I can’t put my finger on that would have made me enjoy it even more. I found the main character Strig an innocent character that you grow a little close too but I wanted to see more of his thoughts and processing of what is happening to him rather than throwing him straight into the action. I am going to keep reading this series as there are two more in the series and want to see how it develops but it is not a strong start for me.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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